George Pero

Vice President of Sales


  • SM&A buy-side
  • M&A sell-side
  • Retail operation
  • Remarketing

George Pero

Track Record of Success

George Pero has a successful track record of over 27 years in the automotive industry, covering every facet from retail to wholesale, with specialized experience in the remarketing/auction industry.

George joined DCG after selling his start-up automotive auction company. His accomplishments in growing small to midsize companies are well-earned. Through this experience, George has mastered critical business development elements, such as nurturing a positive corporate culture, increasing top-line revenue through sales, and maximizing efficiencies through core control processes and procedures.

Success is a Process

George is set apart by his unique ability to quickly assess and mitigate risks as well as being able to identify and leverage missed opportunities. These elements, combined with decades of experience, enable George to provide insights that allow his clients to grow beyond their own expectations.

Efficient and Expedient

George possesses a tremendous level of understanding and appreciation of the acquisition process, having executed transactions on behalf of both buyers and sellers. As someone who has sat on both sides of past transactions, he brings a unique approach to the table, allowing all parties to achieve mutually beneficial goals in an efficient and expedient manner.