• Hyundai/Genesis dealership with great facility.
  • Single point market
  • Situated in a metro area with a population in excess of 275,000
  • Dealership has a very large market area
  • Substantial upside potential in both sales and service

Over the years we have worked with Tony on a number of buy/sell transactions. His 25 years of experience as general counsel for two large actively-growing multi-franchise dealer groups gives him unique insight into a wide variety of deal scenarios. His dual perspective on the business exigencies and legal hurdles associated with buy/sell transactions, and day-to-day dealership operations, are invaluable in navigating a deal from negotiation through closing.

Eric A. Baker Partner, Boardman & Clark LLP

Tony’s breadth and diversity of experience in the automotive industry is extraordinary; and that experience combined with Tony’s knowledge, experience and rational approach makes Tony a valuable resource for dealers, whether buying or selling.

Brian H. Nolen Partner, Gach & Nolan, PLLC

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