Deal Summary

Top Tier Las Vegas Nevada Import


  • Acquisition consists of one of the brands listed
  • State-of-the-art facility with real property available for purchase 
  • Top sales volume and profitability numbers in the market
  •  Huge cash-on-cash return
  • Over 6% average return on sales
  • Current owner willing to stay on up to 25% 
  • Located in the most desirable area of Las Vegas
    No state-income tax and significantly less property tax than surrounding states
    One of the top appreciating real estate markets in the US

For years, I’ve worked with George and it has been an excellent relationship. He’s delivered on every promise, met deadlines on-time and on-budget, helped exceed quotas and simply helped our business exceed expectations. George has an exceptional ability to develop relationships that transpire into long lasting sales opportunities. His ability to form these relationships within the industry allow him to penetrate the market with high levels of conversions and success. I wouldn’t hesitate utilizing George for critical roles in any business.

Keith Goldberg GM Rusnak | Porsche Westlake

Deal Summary

  • DEAL TYPE Non-luxury, Group

Deal Team

George Pero

National Vice President of Sales

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