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Why Buy a Hyundai Dealership?

What Sets Hyundai Apart?

Over the past two decades, Hyundai has seen an impressive rise, challenging the markets of automakers like Toyota and Honda. In that time, they’ve established a distinct and sound strategy by creating a versatile lineup, improving the longevity of their vehicles, and providing some of the best customer incentives of any automaker.

Those buying incentives include the best warranty in the business at 10 year/100,000 miles, an enticing Shopper Assurance program, tools for streaming online sales, and a top-award-winning certified pre-owned program.

All together, with Hyundai you have a reliable recipe for vehicle sales– a car for just about everybody, and backing from the manufacturer that helps dealers sell those cars consistently and efficiently.

Each of these factors boils down to a brand of dealership that is designed to sell efficiently, with enticing incentives for customers. Let’s take a closer look.

  • Versatile Lineup

    Hyundai has perhaps the most versatile lineup in the industry. From Accent and Elantra, to a variety of mid-size cars, to the Palisade SUV. Hyundai’s goal has been to design a car for everyone in the household, from parents, to first time drivers, to a seven passenger car for the entire family – and they’ve done a great job of it.

They’re set to continue with this diversification strategy, with the launch of the Santa Cruz pickup truck in 2021.

And these models almost always win on price. While delivering variety and competing strongly on vehicle ratings and dependability, Hyundai offers car buyers top value dollar-for-dollar vs. the competition.

These elements – versatility and accessibility – are key components for every manufacturer targeting the family vehicle demographic, and they’ve been major factors in Hyundai’s increased success over the past couple decades.

  • Top Certified Pre-Owned Program

    Hyundai won Autotrader’s 2019 and 2020 awards for best Certified Pre-Owned program among non-luxury automakers. This is largely because its well-known warranty (read below) is fully transferable to CPO vehicles.

Hyundai has also become an industry leader in dependability. Their vehicle quality has been improving for many years, and customers are starting to take notice. As reliable, low-maintenance cars that stack a lot of features into their cars at a relatively low price, their value goes a long way.

Hyundai Motor Group won the most J.D Power Initial Quality Awards in 2020, making many of Hyundai’s models great for leasing customers. When customers turn in their leased vehicles, the cars’ sustainability, retained value, and transferable warranty all contribute to Hyundai’s industry-leading CPO program.

  • Customer Incentives

    All of the above is backed up by customer incentives that are, in many respects, the best in the industry.

Hyundai’s has a famous powertrain warranty, extending for 10 years / 100,000 miles. It goes well beyond other automotive warranties, and it’s a strong show of confidence in their vehicle durability.

Hyundai Shopper Assurance is designed to help dealerships attract more customers and sell more inventory. The program includes take-home test drives, transparent pricing, and 3-days worry free after purchase.

In addition, they’ve implemented Streamlined Purchase for online customers that integrates with the inventory at your dealership onto Online sales is an increasingly important aspect of auto retail. Hyundai USA’s portal allows customers to find a car at your dealership, and enter into the purchase process within minutes.

This combination of tools and incentives increases your ability as a dealership to create great offers to customers. It engenders comfortable and confident buyers, gets prospects in the door, and moves more new and pre-owned cars off the lot.

Conclusion – To recap, Hyundai’s versatile lineup, plus strong buying incentives and tools, make a Hyundai dealership an efficient engine for attracting and converting customers. A Hyundai franchise is a strong, reliable option for anyone in the market for an auto dealership.

Scroll through the dealers below, and when a Hyundai dealership for sale catches your eye, contact DCG. We’ll get the ball rolling right away, taking care of all the little details so that you can focus on expanding your business and cementing your legacy.

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