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Meet your next business venture right here. Every Volkswagen dealership for sale you find in our listings is a DCG exclusive. Each one has impressive growth potential and a motivated seller. We evaluate large automotive groups and individual dealerships alike to find ones with proven sales success, ideal locations, state of the art facilities – ones that will provide optimal return on investment for buyers like you. Because at DCG, we’re not just about making a sale. We’re wholly committed to equipping your dealership for increased sales, healthy growth, and lasting success.

Over the years, Volkswagen has cemented its reputation for manufacturing quality, luxury, and performance. DCG’s acquisition and growth experts put those traits to work, empowering your dealership to increase profits and catalyze growth.

When you’ve found that perfect dealership, the one that sparks your excitement and passion, reach out and we can discuss the next steps.

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Acquisitions Made Easy 

Buying a new automotive dealership is a big step with a lot of moving parts. Fortunately, you won’t have to worry about any of them. DCG’s dealership acquisition services go far beyond the closing table.  We’re your partners for the entire process, from first contact to final sale. Our $11.5 billion in collective acquisition deals speaks for itself – we know how what a successful deal takes.  We know how to navigate all of its complex intricacies – financing, insurance, a service center, parts, and more – because we’ve done it all before. Our unique dual agent model positions us on both sides, ensuring streamlined communications and a smooth dealership transition for the buyer and seller alike. 

Ensure Streamlined Manufacturer Approval for Your Volkswagen Dealership

Our team has a long history of collaborating with Volkswagen on automotive dealership sales. We know exactly what they want to see from a potential buyer. Plus, we have personal relationships with their staff, so we can get someone on the phone to handle your case right away. The approval process involves paperwork on legal, financing, management history, real estate, and more, along with meetings and evaluations. Overwhelmed yet? Don’t be, because DCG has the know-how and connections to get it done. 

Our manufacturer-approved dealership listings present golden opportunities for success. They have VW’s support, which means their management is effective, their sales are stable, and they have sky-high potential. The manufacturer has vetted it and we’ve identified it as a promising business, so you can be confident that an automotive dealership listing from DCG is primed and ready to prosper.

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DCG goes far beyond automotive dealership brokerage. We’re a Swiss-army knife of dealership services. Whether you’re looking to buy or sell, whether you already own an auto dealership or this is your first, we can plot out every step of your ownership, including acquisition, financing, and consulting. Contact us via email or phone and we’ll get your new or existing dealership on the fast track to success.