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Power to your people. Every DCG dealership consultant leverages 25+ years of first-hand experience to design the HR processes and training that strengthen your most important asset: your team.

DCG’s Automotive Dealership Consultants Empower Your People & Processes

When it comes to long-term success, continuity is your best friend. High employee turnover means constant hiring and onboarding cycles, disrupting your operations. Custom HR strategies from DCG’s dealership acquisition and growth specialists can break that cycle, ensuring employee satisfaction, recognition, and stability. A recent study by McKinsey showed that top-performing dealerships were more likely to use formal talent-management practices, provide formal training, and use long-term incentives to retain talent. But you don’t need to develop these practices on your own. DCG Consulting has a team of experts, who know dealership operations inside and out, ready to help.

Consistent Processes for Consistent Results

Employee retention begins the day that a new team member steps onsite. DCG will design a customized automotive dealership business plan for comprehensive recruiting, hiring, and onboarding procedures based on your unique business. This way, every new employee enters their position equipped to succeed from day one. Instead of freezing up on the sales floor or questioning their techniques, your team will take their new roles head-on with confidence and self-assurance.

Ready to take your dealership to the next level? DCG’s expert consultants can put you on the path to sustained success. Through innovative strategies and training, we’ve helped countless companies develop custom solutions and achieve operational excellence, and yours can be next. Contact us to discuss a custom consulting package.

Long Term Satisfaction

Turnover. Just hearing the word might make you shudder. It means new faces, new training, and less continuous operations. But with a DCG dealership consultant on the job, you have nothing to fear. We gather employee insights through surveys, then use them to craft custom plans for rewards, recognition, incentives and ongoing training. Implement these plans and you’ll have a dealership full of employees that feel confident, knowledgeable, and (most importantly) valued. We’ll be honest: car dealership employee turnover is an industry-wide issue. But when you sit down with us, you can be sure you’re getting practical, well-tested plans that will take your employee satisfaction to the next level. Whether you’ve just acquired a new dealership or you’ve been running them for years, empowering your employees is always worth it.



Once you have the right people in the right positions and a plan to retain them, you have a solid foundation for success. Make sure you build on it by implementing automotive sales training for your leadership and planning for your future growth with a timely, thoughtful succession plan. The best part? DCG can handle it all. We’ll streamline your growth and help you establish your future legacy.

 Take the first step toward your automotive dealership’s operational excellence with custom HR evaluation, processes, and training from DCG.

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