Leadership Development that empowers your team. DCG Consulting builds winning brands and implements automotive sales training that will propel your entire dealership toward increased revenue.

Automotive Sales Training that Boosts Your Sales

Sales drive your automotive company forward, boosting your profit and propelling you toward a long-lasting legacy. And sales responsibilities extend across every department, starting with management. DCG Consulting offers customized automotive sales training that allows managers to elevate their teams and encourage their employees. You’ve heard it said that people don’t leave their job, they leave their boss. With extensive automotive dealership operations expertise, our team can help you establish a consistent leadership training approach that will ensure low employee turnover and consistent customer experiences. We develop specialized training programs for your dealership that facilitate large bottom lines and even larger legacies.

A People-First Approach

When your whole team buys in, amazing things happen. And employees who feel undervalued, undertrained, or unappreciated don’t buy in. That’s why we build practices to help your team flourish. Our automotive dealership consulting services that include custom leadership strategies for relational staff training and development. We distribute anonymous surveys to identify opportunities for growth, then utilize these insights to create a training program that communicates your business values and builds a strong automotive company culture. Our framework of relational support and HR processes will ensure that every staff member feels valued and encouraged in their career. When your employees believe in your mission, they’ll fight for it. A DCG leadership training program can motivate entire teams to strive forward in pursuit of your goals.

Our consultants can instruct your leadership in:

  • Performance management
  • Coaching employees
  • Employee recognition
  • Adjusting from sales positions to managerial ones
  • Automotive executive coaching services
  • Leading F&I, Service & Parts departments toward success

Ready to take your dealership to the next level? DCG’s expert consultants can put you on the path to sustained success. Through innovative strategies and training, we’ve helped countless companies develop custom solutions and achieve operational excellence, and yours can be next. Contact us to discuss a custom consulting package.

Continuity Across Departments

From the time a customer walks through the door to the moment they sign the paperwork, every staff interaction contributes to the bottom line. It’s not just the sales manager’s job, it’s the entire team’s. Reception, F&I, service and parts—every manager and employee has a role to play, so everyone needs to be on the same page.  DCG Consulting will build you a custom leadership training program that brings everyone into the fold and solidifies your brand messaging. This isn’t a single-day, in-and-out seminar. It’s a comprehensive approach that incorporates online training, one-on-one consulting, strategies, and tracking initiatives. We’ll empower your entire management staff to develop motivated employees through coaching and recognition – ensuring exceptional customer experiences, selling more cars, and boosting your revenue. acquisition and growth specialists are seasoned veterans of the automotive industry with first-hand automotive sales training experience. They’re well-versed to facilitate in-person and online training on:

  • Sales process design
  • Active listening skills
  • Overcoming objections
  • The art of negotiation
  • Tips for creating the repeat customer
  • Follow-ups for the win
  • Maintaining motivation & goal setting
  • End-to-end customer experience
  • Branding F&I, Service & Parts department processes and reputation

Powerful Brand Messaging

Automotive dealer branding is much more than logos and ads. It involves every interaction. Every time a customer steps onsite, they’re experiencing your brand messaging. Your brand is your reputation, so you want to ensure that it’s strong. Our expert automotive sales training consultants will sit down to look at your brand from the inside out. Then, we will infuse our sales management training with fortified brand messaging, ensuring consistent end-to-end customer interactions that encourage sales, increase profitability, and entrench your brand as part of your lasting legacy.

Customized Solutions

At DCG, we don’t have an automotive sales training template with a few blanks to fill in. It’s not just a packet you read over, then pass along to your managers. Rather, we create a custom training program tailored to your specific company goals, employees, brand, and circumstances. Through interviews and surveys, we’ll gather insights on your current operations, targeting specific strengths and weaknesses. The training plans we implement will be entirely customized, specifically addressing your automotive company’s biggest areas of need. And we’ll establish future training processes by developing a comprehensive succession plan to build your legacy.

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