This career path isn’t for everybody. At DCG, we know how to recognize the right candidates, because this upward journey is part of who we are.

You need to show a proven track record of discipline and success. We require several years of experience in the industry, along with the capital reserves to prove you have the strong business mindset needed for success in the GM Accelerator Program.

If you have ambition but need more time to prepare, we encourage you to keep up the hard work and come back when you’re ready. If you’re on the fence, then fill out a form and we’ll set up a call to determine if now’s the time.

But if you’re confident that you’ve accrued the experience and the assets required to become a successful dealership owner – if you’ve been not only searching for this opportunity but preparing for this moment – then we’re ready and excited to work with you.


Experience: We recommend that you have at least 3 years of experience in a leadership role at a dealership. There are many new responsibilities you’ll have as a dealership owner, and this experience provides a valuable starting point from which to build your success.

Background: Applicants who have previously been convicted of a felony and/or completed bankruptcy proceedings are not eligble for the DCG Capital GM Accelerator Program.

Capital Reserves: We require a personal investment of >$100,000 in capital. In addition to this being important for obtaining a loan, it shows that you have the work ethic and financial discipline of a successful dealership owner.

Performance: As a General Manager or other dealership executive, we will look into your dealership’s current and historical performance with regard to sales efficiency, sales CSI and service CSI, where applicable. An excellent track record of profitability and growth is expected for entrants accepted to the DCG Capital GM Accelerator Program.

These requirements are not only important to DCG. They are key to obtaining approval from the manufacturer to become a franchise owner.


If you feel it’s time to take action on your ambition of owning an automotive dealership, then complete the form below.

If you meet our prerequisites, we’ll contact you and schedule a 30 minute phone call to discuss the program in further detail. If all goes well, we’ll move forward immediately in securing the right loan, the right dealership, and manufacturer approval.

Once we close the deal, we’ll support you through the term of your loan with CFO Services (see above).

After that, you’ll have full freedom to build your success and your legacy.

And we’ll be here when you’re ready to acquire your second dealership.