Brian Brown

Vice President - East

Brian has 30 years automotive experience focusing on every aspect of the automotive business and dealership operations. He has spent a majority of his career working at General Motors at a corporate, regional and field level. He has a proven automotive understanding from a wholesale and retail perspective as it relates to product advertising/marketing, OEM processes, dealership operational processes, variable/fixed strategies, and employee engagement.

He was instrumental in not only developing and executing upon a private equity automotive strategy that established a top-10 privately held automotive company in the United States with over $3.2 billion in annualized revenues, he also led the efforts to seamlessly transition all the dealerships while driving employee engagement and operational/staffing improvements.

Brian’s success is driven by his unique ability to view/understand the business not “as it is” today but “as it needs to be” for success tomorrow. He has an established network of OEM, private equity and dealership contacts to develop and drive future business strategies.