Dina Cantin

Director of Philanthropy

Dina is a philanthropist, television personality and design professional who has always driven by a steadfast spirit of giving. For over a decade, Dina ran Project Ladybug, an organization she founded in 2007. The mission of Project Ladybug was to bring financial and emotional support to children with cancer and their families.

Under Dina’s direction and as a result of her unwavering commitment, three funds were established at St. Joseph’s Regional Hospital in Paterson, Memorial Sloan-Kettering in New York and at Comer Children’s Hospital in Chicago. Under Dina’s leadership, PLB also provided hands on programming right to the hospitals; bringing joy to a place that was often a symbol of suffering. Dina is a master at forming strategic partnerships and leading successful fundraising efforts. Her passion and dedication helped to raise over two million dollars that went to directly aid children with cancer.

Dina’s inspiration to give back was ignited by filling her most rewarding role: mother to her daughter, Lexi who has followed in Dina’s footsteps by leading a life defined by giving. Dina is excited to see the difference that DCG can make by donating a percentage of every deal commission to local charities fighting childhood cancer.