Drew Picon

Managing Director

Coming from a family that owned multiple car dealerships, Drew grew up in the automobile business. From his earliest years, Drew worked his way through service, parts, and eventually sales, only to come back as an assistant sales manager after attending Northeastern University. Eventually, he resumed the role of General Manager and was running the family business.

In 1994, Drew, along with his father, purchased a dual store in Belleville, New Jersey which was the beginning of a successful run of dealership purchases; in 2008 he purchased a Hyundai-Ford franchise, which did so well and eventually sold in 2016. In addition, Drew purchased a Kia store in 2013, which he was able to grow through better property, doubling sales, and skyrocketing beyond district, regional, and national sales.

Drew’s success as a dealership owner eventually led to his success as a Chrysler, Dodge, & Ram facility owner. His tenure as a multi-franchise buyer allows him to offer first-rate experiences on the buy/sell process.