Robert Turbyfill

Managing Director - East

Robert has spent 28 years in the automotive industry in many different capacities, including sales, finance, sales management, service, parts, and as General Manager and COO of a dealer group in Virginia. In addition, he spent 8 years in automotive consulting, and added to his resume, he was once the owner of a Ford Dealership and a partner in a marine and RV dealership. Outside of automotive, Robert’s experience runs the gamut, having owned a marketing company, as well as several other small businesses.

Robert is a graduate of NADA Dealer Academy in 2007 and holds many other certificates and awards from different manufacturers.

His nickname of “Turbo” is well-earned, not just because of his last name, but he is always working to make a deal happen. His “let’s make it happen” attitude with a “don’t put off until tomorrow what can be done today” mentality is what makes Robert a dedicated and reliable managing director to get your deal to the finish line.

Robert has been proudly married for 27 years and has three grown children, as well as two grandchildren.