Bruce Molloy



  • Artificial Intelligence
  • AI Software Development
  • Market Analysis
  • Product Design
  • Data Science
  • Software Engineering

    Bruce Molloy

    Bruce Molloy is an accomplished entrepreneur and innovator with a keen focus on developing AI software products. With over 25 years of experience in artificial intelligence, he has a proven track record for creating flagship applications. He excels in key tech startup areas, including market analysis, product design, data science, software engineering, and management.

    Molloy has served as an advisor for companies in both fundraising and mergers and acquisitions (M&A), and is a frequent speaker and panelist at industry conferences. He has contributed to publications such as Forbes and recently authored a paper entitled “Artificial Intelligence in M&A, Venture Capital, and Private Equity.”

    Molloy invented and patented a system for “Retrieving Knowledge in an Adaptive Cognitive Network,” U.S. Patent Serial No. 5,787,234. This neural network technology, which learns from experience, has been the basis for multiple, high-revenue products.

    His career began with a consulting company that provided AI services to clients such as AT&T, BASF and Nabisco. He then founded the CRM/Helpdesk software company, Molloy Group, which, through a merger with Serviceware, achieved an IPO. The software utilized the Cognitive Processor to provide advanced help desk solutions for such clients as: Hewlett Packard, T-Mobile, and the Department of Defense.

    Later, Molloy took on a pivotal role as CEO of Connotate Technologies, a Rutgers University startup focusing on AI technology to extract high-value financial content from the web. His strategic vision and leadership helped transform the company from a struggling pre-revenue start-up to a dominant market leader, serving prestigious clients such as Bloomberg, Dow Jones, Reuters, and Cap IQ.

    Molloy has been a college lecturer in AI at Stevens Institute of Technology and graduated from Columbia University with a BA in Music and Physics.