M&A Advisory Services

A Suite of  M&A Advisory Services

As a full-service M&A company, DCG provides advisory services designed for dealership sustainability, growth, and profitability.


Dealership Valuation Services

A proper dealership valuation is not just necessary; it’s a required ingredient for growth.

Accurate valuation isn’t just a transaction-based M&A exercise; it’s a catalyst for growth and strategic decision-making. Armed with a comprehensive valuation, you’re empowered to make informed choices about expansion, investment, or diversification. Whether you’re considering a new location, upgrading facilities, or exploring innovative marketing strategies, the true value of your dealership serves as a compass guiding your business toward a more prosperous horizon.

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Dealership Succession Planning

Two-thirds of dealer principals do not have a proper dealership succession plan. Consider it a stress test for your dealership or company, determining whether it’s ready for a leadership transition. If a member of your leadership suddenly left, you would need detailed plans. But a succession plan is much more than worst-case-scenario changes. A properly crafted dealership succession plan doesn’t just prepare your company for a single moment of change but for long-term growth and operational excellence.

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Ownership Accelerator Program

A One-of-a-Kind Program Brought to Market Exclusively by the Dave Cantin Group.

The past two years have seen record growth, immense potential, and historic profits for automotive dealerships, and there is no end in sight. If there were ever a perfect time to secure your legacy and own your own dealership, it would be right now.

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Capital Services

Our capital services work in support of dealership profitability, growth, and sustainability. In times of record interest rates and financial instability, we will put our relationships fostered over decades to work for you. Our capital services advisors can align our services to the needs of your dealership. From lending partnership and floor planning to outsourced CFO services, the capital services at DCG were explicitly designed for the high requirements of the modern dealership.

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