The Team at DCG Acquisitions are End-to-End Experts.

No acquisition is out of reach for our team of merger & acquisition growth specialists. They go beyond the transaction to handle every aspect, from valuation to future growth.

BUYERS We utilize our decades of established resources and relationships to ensure the success of your new acquisition.

SELLERS – We pride ourselves on working with the industry’s most qualified buyers that are financially and manufacturer approved for any size acquisition.  We work with you to develop a succession plan that grows and secures your legacy.

Services include, but are not limited to:


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DCG Acquisitions is a full-service mergers and acquisitions firm in every sense of the term. It all starts with DCG Acquisitions understanding the depth of the complete transaction.  Working with both the buyer and seller to create the greatest transactional outcome.  

Your enduring success is our top priority, so DCG Acquisitions only represents dealerships that indicate performance and growth potential. This way, you know that your transaction will deliver exceptional value on a dealership prepared to thrive for years to come.

DCG Acquisitions has an impeccable reputation and a long track record of proven results, because we’re committed to service beyond the sale. The DCG Acquisitions team has personally closed billions in transactions to date.

With DCG Acquisitions, you don’t just get a streamlined process– you get a team with decades of automotive industry experience dedicated to your company’s success from beginning to end. You get comprehensive analyses of the current market conditions and plans for operational excellence. 

Whether you’re in acquisition mode to acquire or sell your dealership, we are equipped with a depth of industry expertise and manufacturer relationships. Our experienced team of experts manage efficient, high-return acquisitions.

From first contact to the closing table and beyond, DCG Acquisitions will oversee your transaction with optimal efficiency. Contact us to get started.



Our three sister companies offer three distinct sets services for automotive businesses and professionals, around the common goal of moving the industry forward.

A full-service automotive M&A firm, your partners through acquisition and beyond.

Supporting auto dealers to obtain the most effective and attractive sources of financing.

Delivering information and inspiration that fuel growth, in the automotive industry and beyond.