The Kelly Automotive Group is proud to announce our latest acquisition, made possible with the support of Drew Picon. Drew's expertise and persistence in identifying potential dealership acquisitions in our targeted market areas has facilitated our growth. His consistent communication and advice helps keep the transactions moving forward. We are grateful for Drew's dedication in helping us purchase our 3rd dealership in three years. We  look forward to continuing our partnership with him. Thank you, Drew!

Testimonial for: Drew Picon
Greg Kelly
| President, Kelly Automotive Group

There are many pieces to the acquisitions puzzle which require having an experienced and knowledgeable professional to guide you through the process from start to finish.  Drew Picon was just that person. He assisted us in buying both of our dealerships, and now he was our trusted advisor on selling our dealerships. Thank you for being there throughout the years and being our "go to guy." 

Testimonial for: Drew Picon
Bobby Ring
| Principal, Major Hyundai

Alex was a pleasure to work with during our transaction.  He was insightful throughout and was very constructive in managing the relationship between buyer and seller. Without his assistance this transaction may not have materialized!

Testimonial for: Alex Covino
Tim Batchelor
| Tim Batchelor, Open Road Capital

I wanted to reach out and thank Drew Picon for his outstanding work in selling our family legacy. I never thought the day would come when I would consider selling what took 50 plus years to create. Once I mentally accepted it, it was time to find the right firm, and the right advisor. I have never bought or sold a car dealership, and having Drew literally walk me from A-Z is something I will be eternally grateful for. His vast knowledge of every facet of a car dealership convinced me I had the right advisor. The Dave Cantin Group has a process, and a support staff that always gave me reassurance we were going to get to the finish line. They brought me the best buyer, that my family is proud to have keeping our legacy going forward. Thank you Drew Picon, Thank you Dave Cantin Group.

Testimonial for: Drew Picon
William M Sullivan
| President, The M.J Sullivan Automotive Corner

Choosing to sell my Chevrolet Dealership was, without a doubt, THE toughest decision of my career. Choosing Drew Picon and the Dave Cantin Group was quite the opposite! Not only did Drew make it easy, he was there to support me, every step of the way. Truthfully, I was not prepared for the emotional roller coaster or the challenges that seemed to routinely pop up out of nowhere. With a quick text of “got a minute,” Drew would call me immediately, day or night, talk me off the ledge, help carry the burden, and quickly provide solutions to the impasses. Without him and his support, my sale, most certainly, would not have ever made it to closing. We started this process as business acquaintances and crossed the finish line as friends. Thank you, Drew, for your kindness, understanding, knowledge, hard work, and friendship the whole way through. This was the culmination of my career and I couldn’t have done it without you.

Testimonial for: Drew Picon
Geoffrey Brackman
| Owner, Brackman Chevrolet

Drew and Jay were very professional during the entire process right up through closing. They were thoughtful of our wishes and negotiated on our behalf so both sides got a great deal in the end. The team is very organized and persistent to make sure the deal goes through. I would definitely recommend Drew, Jay, and the Dave Cantin Group.

Testimonial for: Jay Brichke
Mr. Aubrey Alexander
| Blaise Alexander Family Dealerships

Drew and Jay handled our recent purchase of Blaise Alexander Chevrolet of Greencastle, PA with the utmost professionalism. No matter what question or issue came up, they were quick to track down the answer and/or provide a solution to keep the deal moving forward. If you’re searching for a dealership brokerage team that you can trust with all aspects of the transaction, Drew and Jay with DCG are the best.

Testimonial for: Jay Brichke
Fred Timbrook Jr.
| CEO, Timbrook Automotive 13.0 LLC

The Banister Automotive team would like to thank the Dave Cantin Group for their services during our most recent acquisitions. We're extremely excited to add CDJR and Mitsubishi in Hampton, VA to our automotive platform and couldn't have consummated the deal without Talon, Tony and John from DCG.

Testimonial for: Talon Fee
Dan Banister
| Owner, Banister Automotive

Most of my dealings were handled by Jay who was a true professional from the negotiations through the closing process. As I have been through several buy/sell transactions over the years I must say that this transaction was by far the easiest to date and I believe I owe that to The Dave Cantin group, Jay Brichke, and Drew Picon. To anyone considering a dealership sale or purchase I would strongly recommend the Dave Cantin Group and most certainly these two Gentlemen who are true professionals.

Testimonial for: Jay Brichke
Greg Sloan
| Dealer Principal, Five Star Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram

I met with Drew and he assured me that he and his partner (Jay Brichke) would get me a sale of my business for more than just the financial portion, but someone who would uphold the C Classic name and take care of the Clearfield community, which has been so good to my family for some many years. I was born and raised here and have no plans on moving. Drew & Jay found me Greg Sloan and once we all spoke I knew these 2 gentleman (Drew & Jay) found me the right person. Drew & Jay kept me in the loop the entire time, letting me know at each turn what to expect, how to handle it, and what's next. I appreciate the attention to detail, the ability to have Drew & Jay who worked tirelessly to make everything happen, and for my family (professional and personal) to be proud of the future of C Classic now Five Star CDJR. Thank you Drew, Jay, and DCG.

Testimonial for: Jay Brichke
Robb Brown
| Owner, C Classic Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram

My working relationship with Anthony goes back to one of my earliest acquisitions, more than a decade ago. From that time to now, Anthony has been attentive, thoughtful, and a trusted automotive advisor. Earlier this year, when I began to build anew team to assist me in re-entering the business, Anthony worked hard to learn the specifics which motivate me. He knows what moves me forward on a deal. When considering acquisitions for our new portfolio, Anthony listened closely: Luxury, Access, Performance, Innovation and Service are paramount for everything we do for the brands we represent as well as the customers and communities we serve. Anthony knows how to connect a sell-side opportunity to targets desired by a buyer. The value Anthony delivered to LAPIS most recently, among other reasons, occurred because of his long standing managerial experience within the wholesale and retail sides of the luxury automotive space. Anthony understands the passion I have for the luxury segment. He has consistently presented opportunities to my team which match the direction we will take this new company in the luxury retail sector.

Testimonial for: Anthony Holbrook
Todd Blue
| Founder, LAPIS Automotive, LLC

I have worked with Anthony in various capacities for five years, and have found his professionalism and integrity top tier. In advising Envision Motors on its first franchise divestiture, Anthony and the DCG team complemented efforts to align our portfolio with our long-term strategic vision. I would welcome the opportunity to work with him on future projects that optimize our portfolio.

Testimonial for: Anthony Holbrook
Simon Sarriedine
| President, Envision Motors

Thank you Jim, a lot has happened since we had that first introductory call.  I certainly appreciate your encouragement and guidance from the very beginning of the process.

Doug Gilmour
| Malone Ford

…while scrolling through LinkedIn, I clicked on an ad for the DCG Capital Ownership Accelerator Program and put my contact information into the form. I had no idea if they would even talk to me, since I had not been in the new car business before. The next thing I knew, I was accepted into the program, and we were looking for stores. The DCG staff helped me identify a store that would be a good fit and give me the best chance at success. Fast forward to now and I am 100% owner of my first store. I am going to live my dream! This acquisition is life changing. How many people do you know that can actually say that? DCG Capital’s Ownership Accelerator Program put me in a position to make that happen. I will be forever grateful for the opportunity that DCG Capital created for me.

Matt McMurray
| Campus Ford

From our introduction call 28 months ago until today, I have engaged, listened, trusted and executed the OAP team's process. This approach has led me and Gerry Raymond Automotive to now owning three dealerships and heading towards a fourth during that time span.

Gerry Raymond
| Owner, Gerry Raymond Automotive

Working with John Hyland and DCG was a pleasure. John kept me informed and advised me throughout the transaction. With his help keeping us on track throughout the process, the transaction went quickly and easily. He kept everything completely professional and confidential and I trusted him every step of the way. I am looking forward to completing more deals with John and DCG very soon!

Testimonial for: John Hyland
Greg Munoz
| Owner, Vineland Hyundai

Completing the sale of my dealership with the help of John Hyland and DCG was quick and easy! John was instrumental in advising both the buyer and myself in every step of the process and what needed to be done in order to move the transaction to closing as efficiently as possible. I’d recommend John to support anyone thinking of undertaking selling your dealership.

Leonard Datello
| Owner, Action Hyundai of Millville

Woody makes working through all of the details of a deal very easy. The conversations that need to take place between the Buyer and Seller are a lot easier to have when Woody gets involved and directs the conversation. He is very fair to both sides and keeps the objective in mind at all times, which is get the deal to the finish line. I strongly recommend Woody on brokering any deal out there.

Testimonial for: Woody Woodward
Chris Otto
| Otto of Greenwich CDJR

I would highly recommend Woody and the DCG Acquisition Team to represent any dealer through the acquisition process. Representing both the buyer and seller can be challenging, especially remaining neutral but also genuine when your guidance is needed. Knowing your extensive background in the automotive industry made us feel comfortable and we knew you had our best interest in mind but without compromising the buyers interest. Please feel free to give our contact info to anyone that needs to hear first hand what a wonderful and professional job you and your organization did for us. Once again from myself, my sister Lady and our respective families. Thank You!! Thanks and God Bless

Testimonial for: Woody Woodward
Stephen Rucinski
| Dealer Principal, Stephens Auto Group

Having seen first-hand the best-in-class process and advisory services of the Dave Cantin Group (DCG)... there was no one else I would have wanted to work with to finalize my exit from the business. Dave methodically worked through a legacy succession plan over the years; culminating in the sale of Global Auto Mall. I cannot thank him and the entire Dave Cantin Group team enough for their expertise and guidance; and recommend any dealer considering to sell or looking to grow to work with the best, DCG.

Testimonial for: Dave Cantin
Robert Nitabach
| Owner, Global Auto Mall

Dave was a vital asset to ensure our acquisition of the Global Auto Mall stores successfully closed in an expeditious and professional process. This will certainly only be the first of many more times we will look to the Dave Cantin Group for advisement and partnership on growth opportunities.

Testimonial for: Dave Cantin
Patrick Dibre
| President & CEO, PSD Automotive Group

Having worked with Brian Traugott for a number of years in the industry, it was a pleasure to partner with him on this transaction. Brian is a dedicated professional who knows the buy/sell world like very few else, works hard for his clients and their deals, and gets the job done. We look forward to working together on more transactions to come and would recommend anyone to trust Brian with their automotive mergers and acquisitions needs.

Testimonial for: Brian Traugott
Greg & Jessica Stahl
| Bob Johnson Auto Group & Jessica Chevrolet

Brian Traugott is a true partner and advisor who I would recommend to all dealers looking to buy or sell stores. Through all of the ins-and-out the process Brian was there to advise and guide me each step of the way. His network of OEM and dealer relationships, and industry knowledge were key assets in us reaching a successful closing.

Testimonial for: Brian Traugott
Vito Arbore
| Molye Chevrolet

DCG's expertise was a key component in getting the deal over the finish line, and I am delighted that all parties were pleased with the result.

Testimonial for: Dave Cantin
Robert Forget
| Somersworth Hyundai

Making a difference in the lives of others is a mission of DCG. Giving back is a key component of our brand.

Dave Cantin

Working with Dave Cantin and Drew Picon has been an absolute pleasure. They worked with us to find the perfect buyer and made this transition as smooth as possible. Dave was always accessible to answer any questions and guided us through the process. Outstanding job!

Testimonial for: Dave Cantin
Melissa Longo
| Downs Ford

I first met Jim when I inquired about the CFO Services offered by the Dave Cantin Group - Capital Division. After spending the time to sit with me and understand my family business, DCG assisted in reconciling my numerous unrelated expenses and addbacks. I have seen firsthand the downside of working with traditional brokers, and knew after the experience of working with DCG through that exercise, that they were the team to help me divest of my store. Without a doubt their process and hands on approach created a smooth transaction, and I could not be happier with my decision to hire them. Jim Duffy, Brian Traugott and the DCG team have been there with me each step of the way, and I highly recommend Dave Cantin Group for all automotive M&A business.

Testimonial for: Robert Turbyfill
Lawrence West Jr.
| Kingdom Kia

Robert and the team at DCG were once again a vital partner for the Ed Morse Automotive Group as we look to grow our platform. Having worked together on previous transactions, they were able to anticipate our needs, and support us in finding and closing on the first Kia store in our group. We appreciate their best in class process and service, and hands on support throughout the various deal steps and hurdles to create a smooth and timely closing.

Testimonial for: Robert Turbyfill
Randy Hoffman
| Ed Morse Automotive Group

Good thanks to Drew for all his good work in leading us through the entire transaction, start to finish. Drew and his team were both flexible and knowledgeable in helping us grow the Curry Automotive family.

Testimonial for: Drew Picon
Howard Mirchin
| Curry Automotive

Drew's skill and expertise were a key component in getting the deal over the finish line, and I am delighted that all parties were pleased with the result.

Testimonial for: Drew Picon
Tom Murphy
| President, Colonial Subaru

As an owner and operator, attention to detail and positive results are important with automotive transactions. Woody was there every step of the way to guide the process to completion. He was professional from start to finish, and instrumental in reaching a great result for us.

Testimonial for: Woody Woodward
George Albrecht
| President & CEO of Woburn, Massachusetts-based Albrecht Auto Group

I've done a few buy/sells throughout my career on my own. Then I met Woody, he found me the perfect local buyer, I was looking for a fast transaction. Being a major metro complex store, Woody's Expertise, Experience and New Found Friendship got me through my deal. I could not possibly have done it on my own, thank you to Woody for being attached to my hip and giving me guidance all the way through. I am forever grateful.

Testimonial for: Woody Woodward
Steve Sewell
| President, Westboro CDJR

I want to thank Dave Cantin and Brian Traugott from the Dave Cantin Group for their partnership with the Empire Automotive Group as we continue to grow our platform. Their industry expertise and buy/sell process were a huge asset in assisting the Empire Automotive Group in closing on such a tremendous acquisition. We couldn’t have gotten here without them. We look forward to working with the Dave Cantin Group on future growth opportunities as we continue to expand. We highly recommend Dave, Brian and their team to anyone considering a buy/sell.

Testimonial for: Dave Cantin
Michael Brown
| Empire Auto Group

We worked with Dave Cantin and Brian Traugott from the Dave Cantin Group on a legacy succession plan to sell our Toyota and Mazda Auto Mall. We could not be more appreciative of their assistance through this process. They worked daily with both us and the buyer throughout the hurdles that came up, but most importantly in respect and confidentiality through the unfortunate passing of Michael. Dave and Brian are the best in the business, and should be your only call when you are considering an acquisition or divestiture.

Testimonial for: Brian Traugott
Robert Nitabach
| Crystal Motors, Inc.

Good thanks to Mike for all his good work in leading us through the entire transaction, start to finish. Mike and his team were both flexible and knowledgeable.

Testimonial for: Michael Lacey
Alex Munoz

Mike and his team were instrumental from the time the store was offered to the day of close. Mike went above and beyond to facilitate to the best of his ability to make sure Renaissance and myself was respected and satisfied with the deal. I will certainly use a Mike again for Renaissance’s future growth.

Testimonial for: Michael Lacey
Jamar Brinkley
| Renaissance Cars

We greatly valued Drew’s partner lead approach and we would not hesitate to recommend him to any business owner about to embark on the same process.

Testimonial for: Drew Picon
Dane Whitmoyer

Alex is extremely detail oriented, professional, and focused on the task at hand. This transaction received his full attention and energy. I also greatly appreciate the fact that he was accessible or would get back to me quickly. He was efficient at finding common ground in a way to make both parties happy. Alex is an exceptional automotive broker and I highly recommend him to any dealer who is looking to expand their business.

Testimonial for: Alex Covino
Adam Horne
| Horne Auto Group

Our family has been synonymous with Arizona auto dealers for multiple generations. When it came time to sell, Michael Yanke and DCG Acquisitions took the time to understand our goals and how we wanted our legacy to continue. Michael and his team were able to bring an excellent buyer with similar values all the way through the closing process. His understanding of our goals and thorough communication during the process never wavered and we appreciate the efforts made by Michael for making this process easy and professional. My wife and I highly recommend Michael Yanke and DCG Acquisitions for anyone looking for a long-lasting partnership with integrity and ethics.

Robb Hatch

The sale of our business was completed successfully thanks to the dedication and hard work contributed by Michael Yanke. His guidance and input were invaluable, and his transparency and honesty in the way the process was handled was much appreciated.

Derek Zeck
| Owner, Zeck Ford

We engaged George Pero and his team at DCG to find us the perfect buyer to acquire our dealership. George got started right away bringing us several options to consider as we worked closely with him identifying who would be the “right” choice. It wasn’t long before George secured us a great offer and we moved forward with the process to sell to Fletcher Jones and his amazing organization. We highly recommend George Pero and his team at DCG Acquisitions for any purchase or sale in the automotive industry.

Dan Pennington
| Co-Owner, Carson Toyota

This is our first closed transaction with George Pero & DCG Acquisitions, and we are extremely pleased with their performance. George always kept us well-informed and worked very closely with our team through all the steps from start to finish. He was involved in virtually every aspect of the process ensuring a timely close that worked for all parties on the transaction. We look forward to working with George and his team at DCG on future growth opportunities as we continue to expand our holdings. We highly recommend George and his team to anyone considering a buy/sell.

Fletcher Jones III
| COO, Fletcher Jones Automotive Group

We had the good fortune to work with Drew Picon from the Dave Cantin Group. This gentleman went above and beyond for the sale of our dealership. He was available at any given moment, was very informative and he was able to find us the right buyer at the right price. He couldn't have been any more professional yet treated us like family. He couldn't have been a better fit for us. We have recommended him already and will continue to sing his praises to anyone looking for a qualified,  professional broker. Thank you Drew from the Lawrence family.

Testimonial for: Drew Picon
The Lawrence Family

Thanks to Drew for his good work in leading me through this transaction. We certainly didn't think we could have got it to a favorable close without his expertise and patience.

Testimonial for: Drew Picon
Larry Warner
| President - Warner Automotive

Drew Picon has always done a great job advising Spitzer Auto World on securing transactions. He keeps the deal on track and on time despite there being lots of agreements and competing interests. It speaks to his character as to why we've done repeated business with him.

Testimonial for: Drew Picon
Andrew Spitzer
| COO - Spitzer Autoworld

Brian did an outstanding job. He only had to speak to one person and put together a successful transaction.  

Testimonial for: Brian Brown
Steve Ramsey
| Owner, Ramsey Ford

This is the second deal I have done with Woody and I couldn't be happier. He is a partner and a friend. I look very much forward to working with him on the 'next' opportunity!

Testimonial for: Woody Woodward
Robert B. Ourisman, Jr.
| President & CEO, Ourisman Automotive Group

As an owner and operator, attention to detail and positive results are important with automotive transactions. Drew was there every step of the way to guide the process to completion. The DCG Acquisitions deal team was professional from start to finish, and instrumental in reaching a great result for us.

Testimonial for: Drew Picon
Luke Bergey
| General Manager

We had the good fortune to work with Drew Picon from the Dave Cantin Group. This gentleman went above and beyond for the sale of our dealership. He was available at any given moment, was very informative and he was able to find us the right buyer at the right price. He couldn't have been any more professional yet treated us like family. He couldn't have been a better fit for us. We have recommended him already and will continue to sing his praises to anyone looking for a qualified,  professional broker. Thank you Drew from the Lawrence family.

Testimonial for: Drew Picon
Tony and Maria Lawrence
| Owners

Working with Drew, I knew that he would be the right person and represent me well because of his confidence, experience and intelligence. Drew is a solid advisor who was always available and well prepared. His contributions during discussions accelerated the sale and protected my best interests from end to end. I recommend Drew highly for his professionalism and ability to handle the complicated challenges of automotive transactions.
Testimonial for: Drew Picon
Gerry Raymond

During our most recent acquisition, Drew Picon, Managing Director for the Dave Cantin Group, delivered on the DCG promise to provide strategic guidance, proactive engagement, and prompt communication. Drew’s attention to detail and personal involvement contributed to exceptional execution at every stage of the transaction.

Testimonial for: Drew Picon
Jason R. Brickl
| Founder & CEO

Drew Picon helped us throughout the sale process with finding the right buyer for our dealership. We would work with him and the DCG Acquisitions team again if needed and recommend to others who want to sell or buy a business.

Testimonial for: Drew Picon
Robert Weiss
| Independence Toyota

Particular thanks is due to Brian Brown on helping us succeed in this decision to sell our family’s legacy. Brian assisted all of us Rossmeyer’s through the many hurdles and questions we had. It was essential to get the very best advice on such an important transaction. Brian helped us negotiate the deal, while making sure that the ultimate goal of getting the deal over the finish line, and we are ecstatic with the result.

Testimonial for: Brian Brown
Sandy Rossmeyer
| Bruce Rossmeyer's Daytona Harley-Davidson

DCG Acquisitions has a first-class team that conducted themselves professionally every step of the way. John Hyland's insight and guidance was invaluable to the successful outcome that was achieved. The teamwork was evident from the beginning.

Testimonial for: Dave Cantin
Jim Gramm
| Safford Brown Automotive Group

John Hyland and DCG acquisitions provided me with a completely professional and confidential experience in selling my dealerships. He worked hard to provide extremely qualified potential buyers and get me the most for my stores. John and DCG Acquisitions were in constant communication with me every step of the process. I would highly recommend working with John for either purchasing or selling and I look forward to working with him again in the future.

Testimonial for: John Hyland
Sam Mansouri
| Previous Owner, Fairfax Hyundai
Robert and Brian of DCG Acquisitions provided amazing service throughout the M&A discussions on this tremendous transaction. From the beginning, they understood key aspects and were able to absorb and adapt to deal changes as they occurred and stayed the course to close in a timely manner. Their work rate is top-notch and Ed Morse Automotive Group is thrilled to be the new owner of Daytona Harley Davidson.  

Testimonial for: Brian Brown
Randy Hoffman
| Ed Morse Automotive Group

I was incredibly impressed with Drew Picon. Although he represented the seller, I never felt like we were on opposite sides of the transaction. He was very knowledgeable in all aspects of both deals and helped tremendously in getting them done. I look forward to many more dealings with Drew.

Testimonial for: Drew Picon
Ken Ganley

Since this was our first purchase on the mainland we really leaned pretty hard on George Pero and his team at DCG to properly guide us through this acquisition. George was constantly forging ahead on the process keeping the deal on the tracks to ensure a successful close. We were confident that all of our interests were protected as George helped us navigate all of the tasks to ultimately close on the transaction. We look forward to future opportunities with George and the DCG Acquisitions team. 

Nathan Oh
| OH Auto Group

We were approached by George Pero of DCG Acquisitions with an opportunity to acquire 2 franchise dealerships that were right in line with our plans to expand our footprint in our local market. His overall knowledge of the business and general business acumen gave a great level of comfort that we had established a great working relationship with him and his team. Not only did George perform the services we expected from a brokerage firm, he went above and beyond what we had hoped for and remained involved in virtually every aspect of the transaction all the way to the closing table where he personally congratulated us on the purchase of these stores. We look forward to the possibility of working with George and DCG on future opportunities!

Jennifer Hannah

George Pero was incredibly helpful throughout the entire process. These stores have been in our family for over 50 years and George was there for us, always taking the time to explain every detail of the transaction. We are very pleased with the results that brought us to a successful closing and has enabled us to pass the torch to a great buyer.

Erinn Sowle
| Suburban Auto Group

I just want you to thank you for the professionalism you displayed in handling my recent buy/sell. Your expertise and honesty during the entire process was invaluable in my dealership handling the process in a timely manner

Testimonial for: Drew Picon
William J. Kelly
| Kelly CDJR

Robert and Mike from DCG acquisitions were two who came together and helped us first time new car store buyers. The process of buying the dealership was a territory that was unknown to us but these two guys came along side us and walk us through each and every step. Not only did they help with the process but gave plenty of insight info that will be helpful in our company. Great guys who are easy going yet know the knowledge to get the deal done. We look forward to working with them again with our next buy. Thanks Robert and Mike!!

Testimonial for: Robert Turbyfill
Chastity Vonderheide
| Mountain Mitsubishi

We have been working with George Pero and his team at DCG Acquisitions identifying specific opportunities that are aligned with our investment strategy for Envision Motors. He took the time to understand our wants & needs which enabled him to source the best acquisition helping us expand our footprint in a new market. George has exhibited extraordinary efforts resulting in a very smooth and efficient process all the way to the closing table. We look forward to continuing our growth in strategic markets with George and his team for years to come.

Simon Sarriedine
| CEO, Envision Motors

I have personally known George Pero for over 30 years and have always been impressed with his knowledge of the business and general business acumen. He took charge early on in the process to find us the ideal buyer that would continue our family legacy and we couldn't be happier with the results of his efforts. Not only did George meet our expectations, but did so in a manner that was exemplary in every aspect necessary to bring this deal to the finish line for our family in a timely manner.

Jon Shuken
| Owner, Vista Ford Lincoln of Oxnard

Backed by the industry expertise of DCG Acquisitions, Tony Karabon continues to consistently provide value to my group of dealerships. He’s proven to be both reliable and thorough, and because of his legal background, he’s especially skilled at identifying and resolving sensitive issues so that transactions get done.

Testimonial for: Tony Karabon
Jason R. Brickl
| Founder & CEO | LeadCar® Systems, Inc.

I’d like to send out a thank you to you and Dave Cantin Group for a great experience in the sale of our Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram store. The long road with the initial buyer falling after 8  months and a follow up APA from another buyer at the same price made for a long 14 months. I can’t say enough about Woody Woodward who not only hung in there the whole time, but never left a stone unturned. He kept constant pressure on both me as the seller and the buyer without being pushy or bothersome to our continuing business. A feather in your group's hat to have Woody on your team. He followed it through to the end, even when I had my doubts it would happen. Thank you again and I look forward to doing business in the future.

Testimonial for: Woody Woodward
James Zappone
| Zappone CDJR, Clifton Park/Granville

I would like to acknowledge Woody Woodward from DCG Acquisitions for his help with our recent acquisition. His many years of automotive experience made a very challenging acquisition possible by addressing concerns in a professional manner.  Woody’s persistent attention to detail and guidance through many challenges as well as his many relationships and expertise were invaluable.  We are looking forward to our next deal together, and many more into the future.

Testimonial for: Woody Woodward
Brian Dennis
| Founder and CEO

I want to share the positive experience I enjoyed with Drew Picon from the Dave Cantin Group. After 33 years, I decided to sell my three dealerships. I hired Drew to facilitate and negotiate the sale. It was important that the buyer would maintain a positive and ongoing relationship with my employees, customers and community. Using his superior communication, analytical and negotiating skills, Drew was able to secure a highly reputable buyer very quickly. Drew’s in depth knowledge of the automotive industry enabled him to analyze data and market trends as well as understanding our company’s products and services. These skills were complemented by his finance, banking and regulatory knowledge and networking sources. My family and I thank Drew for his friendship and guidance that led to our successful business transaction. I would never have been able to complete this sale without him. I would absolutely recommend Drew to anyone interested in buying or selling their dealerships.

Testimonial for: Drew Picon
Brian Wasko
| Owner

Dave Cantin, George Pero, and the DCG Acquisitions team executed a smooth transaction between Lithia Motors and Henderson Hyundai Superstore/Genesis of Henderson!

Testimonial for: Dave Cantin
Frank Maione
| Owner & President

Mike's guidance and  throughout the entire transaction process was extremely professional. His thorough consideration of our goals enabled a quick and mutually beneficial agreement. His dedication to detail and advice along the way led to a successful conclusion. We look forward to working with DCG and Mike Lacey again, in the future. Relationships and professionalism are intricate in our decision making.
Testimonial for: Michael Lacey
James Baldridge
| General Manager, Britain Chevrolet

My relationship with George Pero and DCG Acquisitions spans the better part of 4 1/2 years. He has taken the time to understand our investment strategy and worked tirelessly to identify the perfect fit for our buying criteria. We have been patiently waiting for the right opportunity to come our way and when George brought this deal to us, we immediately knew this was “the one”. George has been intimately involved in every aspect of the transaction navigating the deal all the way to the closing table. We look forward to future opportunities George and his team as we continue to optimize our business through these unprecedented times.

Steve Cornelius
| American Motors Corporation

Drew Picon’s thorough consideration of our goals enabled a quick and mutually beneficial agreement. His assistance led to a successful conclusion which would not have happened without his involvement. 

Testimonial for: Drew Picon
Matt Diehl
| Diehl Automotive

I have known Tony for many years. His professionalism and the way he does business are second to none; straight forward, clear and simple. Tony puts you, the client first. He works with you, guiding you thru all the steps of the transaction, from the search to the closing. I want to thank him and his company, Dave Cantin group for the help with my latest acquisition in Abilene Texas. I highly recommend Tony and the Dave Cantin group. If you are In your search for a new car franchise dealership. Tony is your man! Thank you Tony for your hard work and dedication and for making our acquisition so easy.

Testimonial for: Tony Karabon
Fernando Varela
| President, All Star Group Texas

Woody is the consummate professional who made this acquisition seamless at every turn. His enthusiasm is contagious, and the pride he has in his craft is apparent the first minute you speak with him. I look forward to working with Woody for years to come.

Testimonial for: Woody Woodward
Robert Ourisman, Jr.
| President/CEO

Even before we decided we were ready to sell, we knew that we could trust Brian Traugott for guidance and expertise on the process. He was fully transparent with us from day 1; and worked with us step by step all the way to the closing table. His knowledge of both the OEM and retail world proved invaluable to delivering us a successful deal. We cannot emphasize enough what an asset Brian has been; and would highly recommend him to all dealers on their future transactions.

Testimonial for: Brian Traugott
Jay and Tom Dillon
| Co-Owners Dillon Chevrolet

It was a pleasure to work with Woody Woodward from DCG Acquisitions on our recent transaction. Woody was always available 7 days a week, anytime and willing to help do whatever needed to get the deal done and closed. Look forward to working on the next deal with him.

Testimonial for: Woody Woodward
Matt McGovern
| President McGovern Automotive Group

This is the 7th transaction we've had with DCG Acquisitions, and Dave was with us every step of the way. He exceeded our expectations and represented us well as he always does. Dave ensures every detail is accounted for, and for that we are grateful. 

Testimonial for: Dave Cantin
John Staluppi Jr.
| CEO, Superstore Auto Group

This is our second closed deal with DCG Acquisitions in less than 12 months. Our first deal was the purchase of a Chevrolet store in our local community. We tried to buy this store several times for almost 15 years with no success. We engaged Joe Beaver of DCG to represent us and things started to happen. Just a few short months later, we were at the closing table and our dream of adding this store to our family became a reality because of DCG. Fast forward to today and here we are again with yet another successful transaction because of our relationship with DCG. This time, we asked Joe to find us a suitable buyer and that is exactly what he did. In addition, George Pero spent countless hours providing our family guidance and counsel to a level I never dreamed of. His constant reassurance and professionalism instilled a tremendous amount of comfort that not only we were making the right decision, but more importantly this was absolutely the best deal we could have gotten for the business climate as dealerships continue to enjoy extraordinary results. I always felt DCG was with us every step of the way!

Testimonial for: Joe Beaver
Shannon Inukai-Cuffee
| Dick’s Auto Group

Our relationship with DCG Acquisitions has truly exceeded our expectations for a Mergers & Acquisitions firm. George Pero was instrumental in every aspect of the transaction to get this deal across the finish line. We always felt George was in our corner accurately communicating our deal points with the highest level of integrity and tenacity that was necessary to make a deal this of this nature happen. In addition, Joe Beaver never let up with his tireless efforts to maintain consistent communications with all parties that also contributed to a successful transaction. This is our first closed deal with DCG Acquisitions but I am confident that there will be many more over years to come. They worked closely with several members of our executive team on every step of the process from beginning to middle to end, everything! We look forward to working with George Pero and his team at DCG on future deals as we continue to grow and expand our brand in additional markets consistent with our investment strategy!

Testimonial for: Joe Beaver
Ryan Gee

Brian Brown from Dave Cantin Group was instrumental in leading the recent sale of our 3 store family Business including Ford, Lincoln, Honda and Freightliner Western Star franchises. After multiple offers his expertise and professionalism lead to a favorable outcome for all involved.

Testimonial for: Brian Brown
Greg Murray
| President, Murray's

DCG Acquisitions has been an outstanding partner on major transactions. The firm’s connections to key players in the industry are what make deals happen. In addition, Tony Karabon’s experience as General Counsel for multiple dealer groups means Tony knows the issues that matter most in negotiations. And Brian Brown’s knowledge of the OEM buy-sell approval process helps get deals to the finish line faster.

Testimonial for: Tony Karabon
Jeremy T. Whitt
| Chief Legal Officer, LeadCar Systems, Inc.

Joe Beaver did a heck of a job on this acquisition for us and he is a great guy to work with. Thankful for his dedication and hard work.

Testimonial for: Joe Beaver
Frank Stewart
| Owner, Stewart Subaru

Wanted to acknowledge and thank Woody Woodward of the DCG Acquisition Team for his help on our most recent acquisition. Woody worked as a great partner with us from start to finish. He has great integrity and knowledge of what it takes to grow a dealership, which is helpful in analyzing & seeing opportunities in a deal and eventually getting it closed. Looking forward to working together on more deals.

Testimonial for: Woody Woodward
Dan Dagesse
| Chairman DCD Automotive Holdings

We were really pleased with all of the support from the entire DCG Acquisitions team throughout the entire acquisition. We were assisted well every step of the way with full recognition of our needs. Our interests were always represented very professionally which led to a successful outcome.

Ryan Troncalli

Our recent purchase of Carbone/ Lithia Nissan took a little coordinating that really couldn’t have been done without the help of Brian Traugott. If there were any obstacles, Brian made sure he handled them to the satisfaction of both parties. Thank you Brian, and we look forward to doing more business with you in the future! 

Testimonial for: Brian Traugott
Joseph Steet

With DCG Acquisitions, you get an entire team of people who possess outstanding abilities to handle the complicated challenges of buying a business. It was a pleasure working with Drew Picon, whose professional skills, integrity, poise and judgement helped us tremendously with this acquisition. It was a pleasure working with him.
Testimonial for: Drew Picon
Greg Kelly
| President, Kelly Auto Group

A few words about Woody. He was my broker on my purchase from Lithia. I could not have made the deal I did without his expert advice and guidance. It was a first-time purchase for me, and he took the time and had the knowledge that I did not possess. Always a straightforward, no-nonsense kind of guy.
Testimonial for: Woody Woodward
Mike Coggins
| Owner, Coggins Toyota of Bennington

Joe Beaver with Dave Cantin Group was very helpful in finding us a buyer for Klamath Falls Honda Subaru.  He was very attentive to our needs and made sure that we received what we needed. We were selling the stores for over a year and Joe is the only one to work hard to bring us three LOI’s. Joe and the Dave Cantin group go above and beyond to sell our stores.

Testimonial for: Joe Beaver
Blake Underriner
| Managing Partner

I have to say, doing business with you was over the top. You were persistent in following up with me until you got the listing, but were not obnoxious. I will also say that everything you told me to expect along the way was spot on from when I signed the listing agreement to getting the full price offer to settlement. As this was a once in a lifetime deal for me, it went extremely smoothly and I would highly recommend you to anyone who would be interested in selling their dealership. Again thanks again for all your help!

Testimonial for: Drew Picon
Frank Carfagno
| Owner, Carfagno Chevrolet

I cannot thank Brian Brown for all of his good work in leading me through this transaction. I certainly don't think we could have gotten it to a favorable conclusion without his expertise and patience. I would have no hesitation in recommending Brian and his team to any business owner about to embark on the same process.

Testimonial for: Brian Brown
Jonathan Pearlmutter
| Dealer/Owner of Rockland Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM

We were pleased to work with Brian Brown of DCG Acquisitions on the purchase of what is proudly now Ruge's Ford. Brian worked closely with everyone to get the deal done in a timely and seamless manner.

Testimonial for: Brian Brown
Kristin Hutchins
| President & CEO, Ruge's Ford

I want to thank you for not only all you and your group did in the sale of my store but how you handled each aspect of the sale. If you recall in our first conversation I mentioned that I had a low level of trust not only for people in your profession but also the process in itself. You told me you would prove that perception wrong. I want to tell you that you did exactly that. Looking back I can’t imagine any part of the process without your help and the help of DCG Acquisitions. You made it understandable and believable. Most importantly, you proved the trust put in you was very well placed. Thank you for that and all the help through out the entire process.

Testimonial for: Joe Beaver
Pat Carey
| Owner, Carey Motors

First, I would like to thank you for all your help on the purchase of Lone Star Dodge and Longhorn Ford. One thing I can say about Tony Karabon is that he is persistent to get the seller and buyer to come together on an agreement. The dealership had a lot of different challenges for any buyer to take on. Tony was able to find a happy agreement for both parties. I believe that today the seller and buyer are both pleased with their deal. Thank you for your effort during this buy/sell.

Testimonial for: Tony Karabon
Brian Toliver
| Managing Partner, Toliver Auto Group

Joe Beaver is a very persistent professional - and for all the right reasons. We always felt like Joe was on our side, and he was. He was very responsive to all of our questions and concerns, of which there were many when working on a transaction of this nature. His calm nature and easy-to-work with demeanor were truly appreciated and made for a positive process.

Testimonial for: Joe Beaver
Shannon M. Inukai-Cuffee
| President, Dick's Auto Group

When I first met Joe Beaver, he had a great and confident attitude with a secure belief that he would be able to sell my store. The most important issue when dealing with this kind of capital is that the individuals involved are straightforward and upfront. During our many conversations, I mentioned to Joe that I tend to bubble over with integrity, and when he mentioned that he hoped to come across as the same for me, I was assured that he was the person to handle this transaction with care. The business was my livelihood for 41 years and I wanted to see it go in the right hands. Joe brought a good and strong buyer to me, one that I believe will do an excellent job and carry on the good work of my heartaches and tears and my experience in being a Chevy operator. I would recommend Joe and the DCG Acquisitions team to anyone that came my way to ask for a reference. I think that Joe is a splendid individual that is more than capable of doing what it takes to perform a great transition.

Testimonial for: Joe Beaver
Bruce Patchett
| President, Bruce Chevrolet

We were represented by George Pero and Joe Beaver of DCG Acquisitions in our most recent acquisition of Klamath Falls Subaru and Klamath Falls Honda. The experience we had with George and Joe was a true pleasure. They helped to facilitate a 'win-win' situation for both buyer and seller; which also ended with relationships created between all parties that will continue past this one transaction. They were professional, organized, well-informed and a true value add for all parties involved. Through open communication and a solution oriented mind set, all aspects of this transaction were able to be worked through and concluded in our closing. We look forward to future business with George, Joe, and the Dave Cantin Group; and have much appreciation for their services on this most recent transaction.

Testimonial for:
Daniel Crainic
| Time Auto Group

Woody and his team at DCG were excellent to work with on our recent acquisition of Hazleton Honda. They worked diligently in structuring an deal that was acceptable to both us and the seller and were quick to track down and provide additional documentation when requested. I would highly recommend Woody and DCG to anyone with interest in selling or purchasing a dealership.

Testimonial for: Woody Woodward
Fred Timbrook
| CEO, Timbrook Automotive

Thank you for selling our Mercedes-Benz of Billings store last month! You attracted a quality buyer for the right price and were able to close it! Thanks for your team’s professional touch to our sale.

Testimonial for: Dave Cantin
Steve Zabawa
| Co-founder, Rimrock Auto Group

DCG Acquisitions handled our recent sale, and we were very impressed with their dedication every step of the way, especially since this was quite a large transaction and required a team of experienced professionals. Not only did they exceed our expectations, they represented our businesses well, and the sale went to a solid company that only DCG can bring to the table. The DCG Acquisitions team is pleasant, professional, and has what it takes to get the deal done.

Testimonial for: Dave Cantin
John Staluppi Jr.
| CEO, Superstore Auto Group

Choosing to sell two of my biggest stores was one of the most important decisions I have had to make. It was very important for me to have someone by my side that came with a lot of trust that was needed to get this deal to the finish line. I felt confident Dave Cantin and his team could deliver on that for me. Dave made this transaction an easy one. Dave, along with his Eastern region team led by Brian Brown, really understood our automotive group and our successes within the industry and how important this was to me. The sale of my two Lexus stores was completed easily, thanks to Dave’s dedication and hard work. Dave got this deal to the closing table with the confidence of everyone involved. You could not ask for more than that.

Testimonial for: Dave Cantin
John Staluppi Sr.
| Owner, Atlantic Auto Group

If you are looking to sell your store, or acquire one, Brian Traugott is your guy. He knows the industry and its nuances inside and out. More importantly, he took the time to get to know us and our dealerships like he was part of the family. Brian delivered on everything he promised and more; bringing several qualified and motivated buyers' offers to the table. With his expertise, he helped guide us from our first in-person sit down, through any hurdles, and to the closing table. We could not be happier that we chose to have Brian represent the sale of our stores.

Testimonial for: Brian Traugott
Mike Doyle
| Owner, Doyle Chevrolet & Doyle Subaru

Working with Brian Brown and Woody Woodward has been nothing but an absolute pleasure. Both team members were readily available for any and all concerns, no matter the time of day. Their dedication to what they do is unparalleled. When compared against the landscape of other agents, I regularly tell others they would be doing themselves a disservice to speak with anyone else. If you’re looking for a smart and extraordinarily knowledgeable team who can guide you through the acquisition process, Woody and Brian are your best bets. You cannot beat the kind of experience and connections that come with this duo, and the lasting relationships that go beyond the closing table are unequivocally priceless.

Testimonial for: Brian Brown
Peter Maher
| Owner, Rhinebeck Ford & Mid-Hudson Subaru

The dealership brokerage world is filled with fast-talkers who make big promises to secure a listing, but don’t always come through with their guarantees. But this is not the case with Dave Cantin and DCG Acquisitions. From the initial analysis and evaluation of our deal all the way up through closing, Dave and his team told us what to expect. Nearly everything they predicted about price, terms, timing and due diligence came true. It was an extraordinary comfort to be with someone who really understood the buyers and could so accurately advise us on how to plan for the inevitable wrinkles the can happen in deals.

Testimonial for: Dave Cantin
Eric Savage
| President, Freedom Auto Group
Lithia Motors' success and growth rely heavily on those we choose to partner with, and DCG Acquisitions takes that responsibility as seriously as we do. DCG is a trusted partner to Lithia and has successfully represented our acquisition and divestiture needs across the country. Dave and team are trusted advisors and true professionals that we look forward to relying on for years to come. 
Testimonial for: Dave Cantin
Bryan DeBoer
| President & CEO, Lithia Motors Inc.

Working with DCG Acquisitions helped us achieve our goal and connected us with the right fit for our dealership. Their guidance and experience created a seamless process – from list to successful closing. Dave and his team were responsive and provided a smooth transition. Their expertise and knowledge went a long way to relieve the stress that goes alongside selling your business.

Testimonial for: Dave Cantin
Charles Phillips
| President, Wyoming Valley Motors

We are pleased to recommend Dave Cantin and DCG Acquisitions to anyone looking to grow their legacy. Having successfully closed on four transactions with Dave in the past, it was an easy decision to work with him once again by adding two incredible Lexus dealerships to the Len Stoler Auto Group family. With DCG Acquisitions, you have a company that possesses a true understanding of what it means to create a lasting legacy, and Dave and his team operate with integrity, proficiency, and the utmost dedication. Dave is responsive and has a firm understanding of our industry. We talk the same language and it provides win-win results. His perspective from start to finish has been, and will always be invaluable.

Testimonial for: Dave Cantin
Barry Stoler
| Len Stoler Auto Group
Dave Cantin and the Dave Cantin Group team brought outstanding professionalism, creativity, and work ethic to the acquisition they handled for us. The process was seamless, and DCG handled it with skill and a winning attitude.  I look forward to working with them again, someday.
Testimonial for: Dave Cantin
John Garff
| CEO, Ken Garff Enterprises

It is my sincere pleasure to highly recommend the Dave Cantin Group throughout all aspects of dealership sales. I met Dave and the group during the most stressful and vulnerable time in my life when my husband had recently passed away and I needed to sell our Toyota dealership. Dave's caring personality and group's professionalism immediately put me at ease and I am so glad I trusted my instincts and went with them to represent us. Throughout the process, I had 24 hour a day access to Dave and his group for questions, concerns and emergencies, which there was plenty. This courtesy was also extended to all of my associates and employees, which went a long way in making the sale go smoothly. Any concern I had was immediately addressed throughout the preparation, sale, and negotiating process. Our dealership had multiple offers that were completely vetted and verified by Dave's group, so there was no question who was qualified. His associate George Pero was exceptional and guided myself and my employees through the process of the sale. During this process I was very concerned I would lose key managers and employees before the transaction. George was excellent at employee relations and helped keep my business together until the transaction was complete, and I only lost one lube tech out of 56 employees. In the end, I had a final offer higher than anticipated due to Dave's excellent and honest communication and negotiation skills. I feel so grateful and indebted to the Dave Cantin Group for guiding me smoothly through what seemed to be an insurmountable process at the time.

Testimonial for: Dave Cantin
Tobe Frangie
| Toyota San Luis Obispo

Thank you again for your help with the transaction. Brian Brown and Woody Woodward were knowledgeable, helpful and informative throughout the process. More importantly, they were true professionals who handled every decision with integrity. The level of dedication they demonstrated is immensely appreciated. Five weeks for the approval and less than sixty days from deal submission to closing is amazing!

Testimonial for: Brian Brown
Patrick Kelley
| President, Kelley Sales & Service CDJR Fiat

I've been involved in over 150 transactions involving dealerships and real estate in my career, and I can tell you that Dave Cantin Group is the most professional, hands-on team I have ever worked with. The level of service I have experienced is second to none. Most brokers match up the buyer and the seller and then just sit back and wait for the closing. DCG Acquisitions actually does everything in between to ensure the deal gets to the closing table successfully. They expertly manage the due diligence process, expedite interactions with the lawyers, manage effective communication between the buyer and the seller and coordinate any other professionals involved in the deal. DCG consistently goes above and beyond because they build and maintain a relationship with their clients from day one.

Testimonial for: Dave Cantin
Tom Maoli
| Dealer Principal, Celebrity Motor Car Company

Having been in the automotive industry for over 40 years, I can say with confidence that the level of expertise I have experienced with Dave Cantin Group has been unrivaled. Dave has amassed a team of professionals that get the job done, which is a critical facet of handling any transaction in mergers and acquisitions. The associated individuals stand organized to assist in all facets to complete the transaction, whether it’s manufacturer approval or arranging the numerous legal hurdles. DCG is, in essence, your one-stop authority to any transaction.

Testimonial for: Dave Cantin
Joe Laham
| President, Premier Companies

There are many pieces to the acquisitions puzzle which require having an experienced and knowledgeable professional to guide the process from start to finish. Brian Brown and Drew Picon were with us through the many hurdles, from the manufacturer approval process to helping us open the doors during the uncertain time of COVID-19. Their diligence and attention to detail make working with this team an absolute pleasure.

Testimonial for: Drew Picon
Bobby Ring
| Kia of Sussex

Coming from a family-owned dealership, we wanted to keep the legacy alive with our close-knit traditions and focus on our community. Drew was with us every step of the way. He was able to source a buyer locally, quickly, and happily. Drew took the time to understand who we are as a company and took that vision to the next level. He exceeded our expectations right through to the close. We wholeheartedly recommend Drew and the DCG Acquisitions team to those who are looking for a long-lasting business partnership.

Testimonial for: Drew Picon
Mike Callaremi
| Callaremi Buick GMC Cadillac

I've had the opportunity to work with Poncho over the last 6 years.  He truly had an open door policy and was always willing to pass on his many years of experience to me and the managers in my department.  He has a solid grasp on the financial end of automobile dealerships and was capable of quickly analyzing any of our multiple franchises financial statements to discover both excess expense and growth opportunities.  He's found a way to be committed to both his business responsibilities and his family.  I look forward to working with Poncho as we continue our quest to grow and expand. 

Testimonial for: Poncho Redfern
Tyler Black
| VP of Fixed Operations Director, Superior Automotive Group

I feel 110% confident by partnering with Dave Cantin. He was candid, provided great feedback, helped explain clearly all details and managed everything brilliantly. In addition, he was extremely responsive to every one of my questions, no matter how small, no matter the time of the day. Dave's integrity, knowledge, and availability puts him above the rest.  Dave has always been and always will be the right partner to help navigate the acquisition process. 

Testimonial for: Dave Cantin
Barry Stoler
| President, Len Stoler Automotive Group

I can’t say enough about the professionalism of DCG Acquisitions, and specifically Drew Picon and Brian Brown. Our transaction was somewhat complicated yet Drew and Brian exhibited admirable persistence in overcoming any issues that may have arisen. It was a pleasure working with these gentlemen and I highly recommend their services. We look forward to working with DCG to help our company grow.

Testimonial for: Drew Picon
Alan Spitzer
| Chairman & CEO, Spitzer Management

Congratulations on the sale of our businesses! You folks truly did a remarkable job! As you probably recall, I had hired another company to represent us two years prior to your work. That company looked around the area and found two dealerships they wanted to introduce us to. There was mild interest by both of those companies. I was actually heartened by their desire for us. However, there was no one there to really make the deal go forward. When I talked with you, I found someone who was ready to move forward and make a deal happen. Drew, that is exactly what you did. You followed up at each and every turn by the buyers. The first potential purchaser exhibited a great amount of interest, but backed out when they saw our pay plans. Two days later, you told me of the ultimate buyer, and assured me they were 'the ones.' They were. I thank you for your interest as well as your energy in making things happen. You folks followed up right through negotiations with General Motors and with Subaru. I know of no broker who would go as far as you went. Drew, you also became a friend! I knew that I could count on you, and I still feel that way today.

Testimonial for: Drew Picon
Robert G. Johnson
| Owner Johnson Motors & Johnson Subaru

I can’t say enough about the professionalism of DCG Acquisitions, and specifically Drew Picon and Brian Brown. Our transaction was somewhat complicated yet Drew and Brian exhibited admirable persistence in overcoming any issues that may have arisen. It was a pleasure working with these gentlemen and I highly recommend their services. We look forward to working with DCG to help our company grow.

Testimonial for: Drew Picon
Alan Spitzer
| Chairman & CEO Spitzer Management
I have had the opportunity to maintain a continuous 20 year business relationship with the Superior Auto Group-Conway. For the past six years, my dealings have been almost exclusively with Poncho Redfern. Our professional relationship has required us to work closely on issues of compliance, customer service and revenue generation. At all times, Poncho has acted with a high level of integrity and a keen attention to details. His interaction with me, and his employees, exhibits a high level of trust and respect in his leadership skills and ability to work well with other people.
Testimonial for: Poncho Redfern
Jeff Hart
| President Automotive Specialties, Inc

I’ve had the opportunity to work with Joe Beaver over the last 9 years. When I first started working with Joe PQL had 29 employees and a single office in Simi Valley California. Over the years since that initial contact, I’ve seen Joe’s efforts result in a Company that grew to 145 employees. I’ve enjoyed a front row seat watching Mr. Beaver build PQL into a national company with 7 offices including two large distribution centers. During this time, Joe managed the purchase of two companies for PQL, and successfully merged over 67 employees into a single entity. Joe has always worked hard to maintain the highest level of integrity in his dealings with my company, while successfully navigating the path of a rapidly growing organization without jeopardizing the care of its employees. For those who have an opportunity to work with Joe, at any level, you can take comfort in knowing he will work tirelessly to produce mutually beneficial results.

Testimonial for: Joe Beaver
John Wilson
| Business Performance Advisor, Insperity

For years, I’ve worked with George and it has been an excellent relationship. He’s delivered on every promise, met deadlines on-time and on-budget, helped exceed quotas and simply helped our business exceed expectations. George has an exceptional ability to develop relationships that transpire into long lasting sales opportunities. His ability to form these relationships within the industry allow him to penetrate the market with high levels of conversions and success. I wouldn’t hesitate utilizing George for critical roles in any business.

Testimonial for:
Keith Goldberg
| GM Rusnak | Porsche Westlake

I’ve worked closely with Alex on over a dozen transactions. Alex had a knack for discovering real value-add deals while working to adhere to our strict portfolio parameters. Alex always made it a priority to ensure a seamless deal process; he routinely found solutions to hiccups along the way, continuously bringing deals across the finish line.

Testimonial for: Alex Covino
Brad Pickett
| President, Phoenix National Buyers

Tony’s breadth and diversity of experience in the automotive industry is extraordinary; and that experience combined with Tony’s knowledge, experience and rational approach makes Tony a valuable resource for dealers, whether buying or selling.

Testimonial for: Tony Karabon
Brian H. Nolen
| Partner, Gach & Nolan, PLLC

Dave Cantin was truly the only reason that I was able to complete the transaction on our new dealership. He was able to help both the seller and I find common ground on some contentious issues. When it seemed that the deal wouldn’t actually happen, he kept us moving forward. I would not think of doing another buy/sell without calling Dave first.”

Testimonial for: Dave Cantin
Roy Greenblatt
| Matt Blatt Dealerships

I’ve known Bill Woodward “Woody” for 35 years. As the owner of Inskip Autocenter and Autocenter Enterprises with 21 franchises and many locations, many were sold to the Penske Organization. Woody was by my side through many business purchases, operating and growing them for over 25 of years. He is one of the most knowledgeable and dependable people I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. Honesty and integrity are his hallmark qualities. He’s also has extensive experience in all lines including most of the luxury franchises. If I were to open another dealership he would be one of the first people I’d call.

Testimonial for: Woody Woodward
Rick Gudoian
| Dealer Principal, Inskip Autocenter Autocenter Enterprises

Dave Cantin is absolutely the hardest working and smartest broker for auto dealerships that I have ever known. We have looked at several deals that he brought to us and have closed on 2 great dealerships in the past several years. Dave Cantin is 100% the ONLY person that I would talk to if I was ever selling and for sure as a buyer he follows up on everything that is important to getting to the finish line.

Testimonial for: Dave Cantin
Randy Lebowitz
| President, Burlington Auto Group

Dave Cantin is a living testament to the power of the human spirit. He has overcome insurmountable experiences and life events that have opened his heart to a deeper level of contribution. His light is poised to transform the world.

Testimonial for: Dave Cantin
Panache Desai
| Transformational Teacher

Mark came to me through a recommendation from my contacts at the Hendrick Automotive Group. His diligence and attention to details are exemplary. He has an incredible network of automotive professionals in his arsenal and brings a fresh sense of creativity the transaction.

Testimonial for: Mark Dwyer
Mark Wright
| Carlson Toyota

I have work with William “Woody” Woodward for over 4 years, it is and has been an absolute pleasure. He is a consummate automotive professional, with experience in turnarounds, dealership operations and an in depth knowledge of dealership financial statements. Most importantly, the bedrock of our relationship is his ability to distill complex issues to the simplest of explanations. His candor, and the ability to always speak honestly make him a valued colleague and a trusted friend.

Testimonial for: Woody Woodward
Mark W. Juron
| Juron Automotive Consultants

I have had the pleasure of working with Tony for over 25 years. His attention to detail and ability to break down even the most complex transactions into manageable projects has resulted in stunning successes. He has a unique ability to understand the needs of sellers and buyers and leverages that skill to create the positive forces necessary to bring even the most difficult deals to closure.

Testimonial for: Tony Karabon
Kevin J. Kinney
| Ogletree, Deakins, Nash, Smoak & Stewart, P.C, Co-chair - OD M&A Practice Group

I have worked with Mark for the past 11 years on many projects. Mark’s experience as both a factory executive and dealer operator brought a unique level of confidence and expertise to our transactions. He understood my goals and exceeded my expectations; I trust him implicitly and am proud to call him my friend.

Testimonial for: Mark Dwyer
John Widiger
| Youngblood Auto Group

I was recently represented by Dave Cantin in selling two franchised dealerships. From engagement to closing, my transactions were handled with the utmost confidentiality and professionalism. Dave’s business acumen combined with his vast experience as a former operator were invaluable. Dave Cantin was instrumental in structuring and negotiating every facet of the transactions, resulting in obtaining more net proceeds for me than anyone else possibly could have, and frankly, more than I expected. I do not hesitate to recommend Dave Cantin to any dealer principal interested in being represented by “the best in the business” and achieving top dollar!

Testimonial for: Dave Cantin
Jay Brichke
| Owner, JAB Automotive LLC

I have known Dave Cantin for many years, both as a business associate and then as a dear friend. We met when he was the general manager and part owner of Brad Benson Hyundai and I was the principal of Kera & Co., LLC. Dave has a deep-rooted knowledge of both the front and back-end of the car business, which allowed him to make a natural progression to become a successful broker. He is able to skillfully construct transactions that are beneficial to both the buyer and seller in a way that is seamless. He is always responsive and accessible and has been a tremendous resource to me for many years.

Testimonial for: Dave Cantin
Ellen Kera
| Partner, Citrin Cooperman

I contacted Dave Cantin after I tried 2 other brokers to sell my dealership with no success. Dave assured me that he has the network to get my dealership sold. Within 30 days Dave had me in contract with the right buyer. From beginning to end, hands down, Dave is one of the best brokers you can work with. I would not hesitate in recommending Dave Cantin to any dealer that wants to sell or buy a dealership. He works extremely hard in getting you top dollar if your selling. BEST IN THE BUSINESS!

Testimonial for: Dave Cantin
Chris Erato
| Bay Ridge Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram

Dave Cantin and Brian Brown were consummate professionals throughout the entire process. This was our first buy/sell and initially we were looking to add a small store. When it was all said and done, not only did DCG successfully help us execute that goal, but we ended up selling our big store. The team came to the table with an offer we just couldn't refuse. There were a lot of moving parts in both transactions and at some points the deals seemed like they were going to fall apart. I can say with the upmost confidence that without DCG at the helm, neither deal would have been executed. We are now a couple of months post closing and they are still there to help with a few issues that have arisen. These were the largest transactions our family ever took part in and we couldn't be happier that we chose DCG as partners in the transactions.

Testimonial for: Brian Brown
Vincent P. Odoardi
| Managing Partner - Bedford Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram

Over the years we have worked with Tony on a number of buy/sell transactions. His 25 years of experience as general counsel for two large actively-growing multi-franchise dealer groups gives him unique insight into a wide variety of deal scenarios. His dual perspective on the business exigencies and legal hurdles associated with buy/sell transactions, and day-to-day dealership operations, are invaluable in navigating a deal from negotiation through closing.

Testimonial for: Tony Karabon
Eric A. Baker
| Partner, Boardman & Clark LLP

Mark’s relationship with our stores spans over 25 years. His work ethic coupled with integrity drives his passion for the business. Mark is highly professional with strong automotive business instincts. His background in interpreting financial data and factory relationships has helped our company immensely in some complicated manufacturer issues.

Testimonial for: Mark Dwyer
Mike Woodrum
| General Manager/Partner, Woodrum Ford Toyota

I have known and worked with ‘Woody” Woodward since 1983. He is a unique “car guy” that understands the retail auto business across every franchise as well as used and fixed operations. His depth of understanding and experience running many dealerships will enhance any transaction whether on the sell or buy side. You can expect transparency, straight talk and a relentless partner when you engage “Woody”.

Testimonial for: Woody Woodward
Greg Hoffman
| CEO Resources Management Group

Dave Cantin is one of the most organized, aggressive, and transparent brokers I have ever worked with in our industry. He takes the time to get to know what your goals are first, and then he puts together a plan to get you there. He is always easy to reach and never too busy to talk to. I honestly feel that he wants to help me achieve my goals rather than use me to achieve his. When its time to grow, he’s my first phone call.

Testimonial for: Dave Cantin
Carl Taska, Jr.
| Tasca Automotive Group

I want to express my deepest thanks to Dave Cantin for selling my Chevrolet dealership. The process was quick and painless, and I got exceptional value for it. Everything was very confidential between the buyer and the seller. I have worked with other brokers in the past and Dave, by far, was the most professional.

Testimonial for: Dave Cantin
Alan Hornbeck
| Alan Hornbeck Chevrolet

To say that George is an asset to a team is a complete understatement. His drive, passion and sheer determination makes him an unstoppable force in the community and business. His actions and leadership lifts others, he breeds success to all those around him. For numerous years, I’ve witnessed George accept a challenge and achieve almost every goal he’s set as his mark. His ability to develop markets, operate on budgets, build company from start-up to profitability, establish a healthy culture of a company and communicate effectively are some of the best of anyone I know. I would jump at an opportunity to work with George because I know, without a doubt, he will create the success for the challenge in front of him.

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Michael Yanke
| President, Global Evolution Management

As the founder and former CEO of American Auction Group (now known as XLerate Group) I have known George Pero for over seven years. In 2012 my company had the pleasure of acquiring all of George’s auctions (Auctions in Motion). The addition of George’s auctions certainly increased my company’s national footprint but equally as important this acquisition enabled us to bring one of our industry’s most creative and successful serial entrepreneurs on to our senior management team.George Pero’s business successes were, and continue to be, a direct result of his visionary approach and passionate dedication to developing and executing new methodologies in an industry that hasn’t always embraced change. That combined with his fine tuned leadership, problem solving and decision making skills positioned George to excel in the area of mergers and acquisitions on our behalf. I miss working with George Pero for he has always brought an air of inspiring excitement and energy to everything he does.

Testimonial for:
Steve Simon
| Founder and Former CEO of American Auction Group