Find the Best Terms on Business Loans for Your Auto Dealership

Using personal relationships fostered over decades of industry experience, the DCG Capital team can match your company with an ideal lender to secure the financing you need for the most attractive terms available.

Let our relationships work for you, when you partner with DCG Capital.

Creative Capital Solutions include, but are not limited to:

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Capital for Every Purpose

Your business needs capital. It doesn’t matter if you’re acquiring a new car dealership or updating current platforms. The terms for business loans can significantly impact your long-term cash flow. So why wouldn’t you want the best terms on the market? Go with the first lender you find and you’ll get what they offer. Go with DCG Capital and we will have numerous lenders competing for your business.

We aren’t a bank, but we have relationships with plenty of them, and we will compare their terms to find the best ones for you. $10 million, $25 million, $40 million, and more – we can help you acquire loan funding with attractive terms and conditions. Need blue sky financing for dealerships? A real estate mortgage or capitalization loan for that upcoming acquisition? We work fast to find business loan terms that won’t hinder your future growth.

Empower Your New Acquisition

Don’t get handcuffed right from the start by bad terms and conditions. When venturing into ownership, you want capital sources that facilitate future stability and flexibility. You’ll need a working capital loan, a real estate mortgage, and potentially a blue sky business loan for a new car dealership. DCG Capital  analyzes your business to determine the best loan type for you – including goodwill financing and capitalization loans for dealers – then compiles options with the best terms.

Our acquisition and growth specialists guide you through the financing process, from application to acquisition and beyond, ensuring your deal’s efficiency and your car dealer’s long-term success.

Acquire Working Capital for Your Growing Business

Day-to-day expenses can restrict your cash flow, but not when you have working capital at your disposal. Working capital for dealers is the lifeblood of business operations, but you don’t want capitalization loan terms that will hinder your growth. We keep up with market conditions and trends so you don’t have to. When you need to keep your dealership running, we can leverage our many lender relationships to help you get the working capital you need, so you can continue growing your business and establishing your legacy.

Finance Your Inventory

When customers walk into your showroom, you want to wow them. You want stunning new cars and designs that leave them thinking about you 24 hours later. But that type of experience doesn’t come free. You’ll need effective floor plan financing for your new car dealership with advantageous terms. This line of credit will allow you to fill your car dealer with top-quality new vehicles from the manufacturers of your choice. DCG Capital will contact numerous banks to evaluate your financing options, then walk you through the application process. Soon, you’ll have the manufacturer’s newest models rolling onto the lot, financed with the best terms and conditions available.

Need capital to acquire a new dealership or revitalize your current one? DCG has the creative capital solutions and wide-ranging relationships to ensure you get loan options that don’t just have ideal terms and conditions, but also work with your unique business goals. Contact us today to get the process started.

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