Giving back is the foundation in which we are built on.

A percentage of all DCG Acquisitions’ revenues* are proudly donated to a charity that fights pediatric cancer in the location of the acquired dealership.

From our experience, we know that automotive dealerships are more than just places where people come to buy, sell, and service cars. They are integral parts of the communities where they reside. They are sponsors of little league teams, and sources of people’s livelihood.

That’s why every dealership sale conducted by the DCG Acquisitions team results in a generous donation in that dealership’s community. Whatsmore, these donations support organizations in the fight against childhood cancer.

OUR MISSION: DCG Giving coordinates the philanthropy of leaders in the automotive industry and beyond by connecting them to community organizations that enhance the lives of children.

*The Dave Cantin Group  delivers all donations directly to these local organizations to ensure that they are properly placed. We do not raise these funds; they are donated straight to the charities from the Dave Cantin Group.