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 No other industry M&A company has the reach or authority level of DCG.

We have curated an exclusive list of some of the most qualified buyers in the space. We exclusively work with industry leaders and clients to skillfully execute a strategic and confidential transaction designed to maximize value and streamline complex processes.

Valuation is personal and maximization is essential. Our proprietary processes and technology allow us to personalize your valuation. We look deeper than others to identify the true strategic value that is aligned with specific buyer needs. Looking beyond the industry valuation numbers and identifying value others are not trained to see are a cornerstone of our M&A process. Learn more about our dealership valuation services.

We understand that your company is your legacy, and we treat it as such. Our M&A advisory teams will evaluate your business and aligned assets, understanding that not all value is easily seen on the surface level.

Our M&A advisors will determine the optimal personalized market-aligned valuation.

With a focus on positive outcomes, we specialize in selling companies in the automotive and dealership-based segments, from single-point dealerships, large national groups, and service providers to suppliers and beyond.

Whether you’re considering selling or just curious about your business’s potential, fill out the form below and one of our experienced M&A Advisors will contact you right away. Confidentiality guaranteed.

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