The Largest Dealership-Focused M&A Advisory Company in North America

The Dave Cantin Group is an M&A advisory company whose outcome-aligned services form a holistic resource for acquisitions, advisory services, and growth-aligned education across various dealership-based industries, including the automotive and adjacent segments.

As a leading M&A company, DCG maintains an impeccable reputation and a proven track record of successful transactional outcomes across the entirety of the automotive industry and specialty dealership-based business segments.


A Rich M&A History and Track Record to Match

Founded on the principles born of decades of industry experience, the Dave Cantin Group has deep roots across the automotive industry and the industries aligned with it.

Our founder, a former dealership owner, and operator, grew and successfully operated the largest single-point car dealership in the world. Through his ownership experience, he gathered firsthand knowledge of what it takes to increase a dealership’s value effectively. He negotiated the sale of the second-largest automotive acquisition in U.S. history. He’s an industry authority and motivational speaker whose passion for automotive acquisitions, innovative sales opportunities, and advancing the industry knows no limit.


Building & Preserving  Legacies

Knowledge and energy are required ingredients for every M&A transaction. Our skilled and experienced M&A advisors navigate complexities, negotiate acquisitions, and catalyze sustained success for our clients. In doing so, we help to establish a solid foundation from which to grow, preserve, and secure hard-earned and well-deserved legacies.


Our mission is to build, grow, enhance, and secure our clients’ legacies, and to make sure that every step forward we take is a step toward making the world a better place for others.


Throughout our ongoing relationship with our clients, we act as long-term trusted advisors, always at their sides, always in their corner, always there to help them achieve their ultimate vision.

Four Guiding Principles

These principles are the cornerstones of our company; they guide our actions and decisions each day. They are not independent of each other but a structured value system. Remove one of them, and we would lose our way. They are not just words to us; they are guiding beacons that are an indelible part of our DNA.


Respect not just for our clients, partners and staff, but the world around us. Looking at all we touch and see through a lens of respect, understanding, and empathy.


The foundational structure of all we do and all we are. A “relationship first” model of doing business. Building long-term valued relationships with every engagement, touchpoint, and transaction.


Integrity is a cornerstone value that is deep-rooted in how we think and act, and is the most critical part of our own legacy. Integrity fuels our mission of making the world a better place for others.


A constant desire to be the best at what we do, no matter the task or goal. We never confuse “biggest” with “best” – for us, excellence is born of the smallest actions that lead to the largest victories.

Our Clients

Our People

An award-winning team of dealership M&A advisors

Our team is your team, and your success is our success.
With an unwavering dedication to successful transactional outcomes,
we will not stop until we cross the finish line together.

Our Services


We serve the holistic M&A needs of some of the largest public and private automotive dealerships, dealership groups, specialized dealerships, and businesses in North America.


We go beyond the transaction with pre- and post-transaction support and advisory, from valuation and succession planning to capital services. DCG provides best-in-breed growth-aligned M&A advisory services to support our client’s needs.


Providing industry insight through growth-focused content, data, and media, with the singular goal of assisting those in the automotive industry to grow and thrive in the space.


DCG donates a portion of all company revenue to support local organizations and causes to make an impact that can be felt nationwide.