Drew Picon



  • Sell-Side M&A
  • Dealership operations
  • Buy-side M&A

Drew Picon

From the Inside Out

“Hands-on experience” is an understatement for the expertise Drew brings to his clients. Drew grew up in the automobile business – literally.

Coming from a family that owned multiple car dealerships, from his earliest years, Drew worked his way through service, parts, and eventually sales. After attending Northeastern University, Drew served his family’s multi-point dealership group as an assistant sales manager, eventually assuming the role of General Manager and running the entire family business.

Firsthand Acquisition Experience

In 1994, Drew, along with his father, purchased a dual store in Belleville, New Jersey which was the beginning of a successful run of dealership purchases:

  • In 2008, he acquired a Hyundai-Ford franchise, which under his leadership grew quickly and eventually sold in 2016.
  • In 2013, Drew acquired a Kia franchise, which skyrocketed beyond district, regional, and national sales numbers thanks to Drew’s expertise.
  • Drew has achieved additional record-breaking successes as a Chrysler, Dodge, & Ram facility owner.

Experience Put to Good Use

His tenure as a multi-franchise buyer and operator affords Drew a unique set of experiences: Not just on both sides of the table in transactions, but from every angle of the industry. Drew leverages his firsthand automotive M&A experience, allowing him to guide his clients past pitfalls and provide valued insights and favorable outcomes.