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Through partnerships with Cox Automotive and our parent company, the Dave Cantin Group, we create and disseminate a wide variety of content to help the automotive industry move forward.


Dealer News Today

Partnered with Cox Automotive and the Dave Cantin Group, Dealer News Today is one of the automotive industry’s most popular podcast shows. Regularly providing automotive news to over 50 countries and thousands of cities across the globe, Dealer News Today is a syndicated show available on every major podcast platform and device.

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Dave Cantin Speaking

Dave Cantin is a motivational speaker whose experience and expertise apply both inside and outside the automotive industry. Speaking from his life experience, Dave delivers a combination of information and inspiration that can power career and personal growth for any audience.

Dave began his career moving cars on the lot and (amidst a battle with cancer and other struggles) worked his way up to becoming Dealer Principal of the #1 Hyundai dealership in the nation. He is now the CEO of the Dave Cantin Group, an automotive holding company that includes one of the most successful automotive M&A firms in the nation, as well as a highly respected automotive capital firm.

Dave is available for in-house and remote motivational engagements. Learn more.


Our three sister companies offer three distinct sets services for automotive businesses and professionals, around the common goal of moving the industry forward.

A full-service automotive M&A firm, your partners through acquisition and beyond.

Supporting auto dealers to obtain the most effective and attractive sources of financing.

Delivering information and inspiration that fuel growth, in the automotive industry and beyond.