Succession Planning | Secure Your Legacy™

According to a recent study, “While nearly 50% of the dealerships surveyed recognize that succession planning is important, they also admit they haven’t dealt with it yet. For those who have a plan in place, 79% are looking at internal transition.” When you think about your future, how does it look? Maybe it’s a grand vision of an automotive empire, or perhaps it’s a passing of the torch to the next generation. At DCG, making your vision a reality and securing your legacy is and has always been our priority.

A Scary Percentage

Two-thirds of dealer principals don’t have a succession plan in place. In events that force sudden ownership or leadership changes, these dealers would need to reorganize on the fly, likely without success.

Through succession planning with DCG’s dealership succession planning advisors, you’re not only protecting against unforeseen events, but you’re also empowering the operational excellence necessary to help your dealerships prosper in current market environments.

Succession Planning Advisors

  • Our dedicated team of succession planning advisors and consultants will listen as you share your goals, values, and vision for your legacy.
  • Our teams will assess internal and industry data and create alignment points that will make up the foundation of your succession plan.
  • A proper and actionable succession plan designed to address your vision and needs will be presented and rolled out across your organization.

Our goal is to develop a comprehensive succession plan that directly addresses the needs of your organization and secures your legacy for the future.