Floor Plan Financing For Your Future

Run Your Business With Financial Confidence

A sea of new cars on the lot is a beautiful thing. It looks even better to see those cars leaving with new owners. But you don’t want to acquire inventory at the expense of the future of your business. Therefore, you need floor plan financing that will infuse your automotive dealership with new cars without terms that could prove difficult down the road. The capital services advisors at DCG have helped numerous new car dealers acquire floor plan loans, getting customers the best terms and conditions while providing a stunning inventory, increasing sales, and expanding their legacies.

Brand New Inventory For A Bright Future

Your acquisition won’t be complete without new automobiles, dazzling fresh-off-the-line cars that will make customers say, “I’m leaving in this today.” After we’ve helped you find a capitalization loan and goodwill loan for dealers with opportune terms, we can help you fill your showroom with the latest models straight off the production line. We won’t purchase new cars for you, but we will compare lender options to help you find the market’s best deals. Hastily selecting a floor plan financing option can saddle you with difficult terms and conditions, putting undue pressure on your management to sell cars overly quickly. DCG is anything but hasty. We approach a number of our lender contacts, compile their offers for your floor plan, and help you find the financing option with the most ideal conditions for your growth goals.

We’re not your typical capital team. We’re a group of industry experts with extensive first-hand experience owning, operating, growing, selling, and buying dealerships. We know floor planning better than most because we’ve done it ourselves. We understand how it works together with dealership blue sky financing and working capital loans for dealerships to facilitate smooth operations and increased revenue.


At DCG, dealership financing isn’t just about putting new cars in your showroom. We see the bigger picture. That’s why we connect you to lenders that won’t just offer attractive floor plan financing terms for your physical assets, but also blue sky financing for the intangible ones. Our goal is to enhance your dealership’s holistic financial health, so we look for lenders who won’t hinder your cash flow but empower you to increase your goodwill valuation.

We take the long-term, big-picture view, analyzing floor planning in the context of your other loans and capital sources. Partner with DCG and we will leverage our relationships with 20+ lenders across the industry to weigh various offers and find the right auto dealership goodwill loan and floor plan financing for you. In doing so, we can help you avoid siphoning money out of your dealership while you’re trying to grow. Then, our expert dealership consultants will help put that financing to good use, developing in-depth business strategies and succession plans for your future. We won’t let bad terms and conditions control your legacy. Rather, we put you in the driver’s seat by connecting you with ideal lenders for your floor planning and blue sky financing.


Your legacy is valuable to us, so we’re not going to point you toward a loan option that could be harmful to your future. We will sit down with you and your management team to understand your goals, operations, and values, weighing which floor plan options, capitalization loans, and goodwill financing for dealerships can help you get there. Partner with DCG and you don’t just get our first-hand expertise, but you get our relationships too. Our lender relationship network is extensive, so we’re not going to the same source for all the dealers we assist. We analyze all sources, then go to the one that’s right for you – the one that will empower your companies to grow, expand, and thrive.

Steps To Successful Floor Plan Financing

Working side-by-side with your management team, DCG will help you find attractive financing options for your dealership’s new car inventory by:

  • Assessing your dealers’ current inventory needs.
  • Discussing your revenue, growth, and expansion goals.
  • Considering your current working capital loans, real estate mortgages, and goodwill financing for auto dealers.
  • Anticipating your future floor planning costs.
  • Putting your business in front of numerous lenders and compiling their offers.
  • Presenting your business with the loan options that have the most attractive terms and conditions.

Need capital to acquire a new dealership or revitalize your current one? The team at DCG has the creative capital solutions and wide-ranging relationships to ensure you get loan options that don’t just have ideal terms and conditions, but also work with your unique business goals. Contact us today to get the process started.

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