About DCG Capital

Your legacy is our business.

DCG Capital is a Dave Cantin Group Company specializing in the financial aspects of successfully and profitably running an automotive dealership. DCG Capital helps power the continued growth and expansion of an automotive business.

DCG Capital is a complete resource for financial growth and momentum for automotive dealerships. Our connections and resources help us provide the most effective structures and rates on loans to empower any part of an automotive dealership.

The opportunities we create for automotive professionals are at the heart of what we do at DCG Capital.

DCG Capital connects you with a range of funding options, including:

Floor Plan

A powerful tool in the continued profitability of your dealership. Floor plan financing keeps your inventory fresh, enticing to customers, and moving efficiently on and off your lot.

Real Estate

Let us leverage our connections to get you great terms on mortgages that allow you to own the property you do business on, and ultimately keep more of the profits you make.


While you’re envisioning the bright future of your automotive business, don’t forget the essential work that is the lifeblood of your success each day. Capitalization loans help maintain those daily operations and bolster the vitality of your dealership.

In addition, at DCG Capital, we can connect you to blue sky financing and goodwill loans that put your dedication and expertise (not only your tangible assets) to work for you financially.

General Manager
Accelerator Program

General Manager Accelerator Program: DCG Capital’s GM Accelerator Program helps General Managers and other dealership leaders become owners of their own dealerships. We leverage our connections with financial lenders, OEMs, and dealership sellers to power the upward journey of the most promising automotive professionals.

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Contact us to learn more. We look forward to discussing the opportunities we can create for you at DCG Capital.

Business Solutions

DCG Capital is one of three companies within the Dave Cantin Group. Together, our combination of industry-leading services offer custom solutions to help you achieve any automotive business goal.

A full-service automotive M&A firm; partners through acquisition and beyond.

Supporting auto dealers to obtain the most effective and attractive sources of financing.

Delivering information and inspiration that fuel growth, in the automotive industry and beyond.