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Run Your Business With Financial Confidence

In the excitement of acquiring a new dealership or expanding your current business portfolio, it’s easy to get enamored with the big-ticket items – the real estate, the inventory, the buildings. These are the largest and most expensive parts of a new business endeavor, the showstoppers that excite your customers. But as you line up floor plan and goodwill financing for dealerships, don’t forget about your payroll, utilities, and operating expenses, the little things that keep your business running smoothly.

How can you pay for them before ever selling a vehicle? Capitalization loans. The capital services team at DCG has the connections, experience, and expertise to find lenders offering opportune terms and conditions for your working capital loan. You’ll have lenders competing for the chance to finance your new business venture when you partner with DCG.

Capital For A Fast Start

When launching your new business, real estate mortgages and blue sky loans will help you finance your assets, but capitalization loans for auto dealers fund your day-to-day operations. And the capital advisors at DCG handle both sides of the coin. We don’t provide loans directly, but we’ll put your business needs in front of our 20+ lender connections and field offers as they compete for your business. Then, after evaluating the options, we will present you with the best terms and conditions available.

Working capital is the lifeblood of your business. With it in your pocket, you have the cash flow to pay your staff and keep the lights on at your new dealership without going into the red. Plus, we’ll help you find attractive loan terms that will maintain your car dealership’s health as you get off the ground.


Consider your legacy. Does it include expansion? Multiple car dealerships? DCG can help you get there. But it can be difficult if your finances are restricted by bad terms on auto dealership goodwill financing or a capitalization loan from an earlier acquisition. That’s why partnering with DCG from the very beginning prepares your business for a long future of success. While our acquisitions services streamline every part of your deal, our capital team works to make sure that you have the working capital and blue sky financing you need with the most attractive terms available. This isn’t just to help with a smooth startup but to give you a strong foundation for future growth. Everything we do is in the service of your legacy, and that includes helping you acquire business funding with terms that let you operate your dealership without hampering your future growth.


Working capital for car dealers is versatile and liquid. Maybe you need it right away to pay your bills. Or you might need it for payroll during a slow sales season. You might even use it in starting a brand-new car dealership. At DCG, our advisors will sit down with your team to understand your business needs and goals. Then, our team puts its 30+ years of experience to work, analyzing loan types, contacting banks and other lenders, and evaluating your options. You won’t simply get the first business loan that comes across our desks – you might not get the second or third either. We examine an array of loan offers and find the ones with the best terms, as well as the ones that align best with your business plan.

Steps to Successful Capitalization Financing

The capital team at DCG works tirelessly to help you get working capital for car dealers and automotive based businesses that require smooth startups, future flexibility, and operational excellence. Our advisors achieve what others often do not by:

  • Evaluating your business operational expenses and requirements.
  • Discussing your future plans for business operations, expansion, and growth.
  • Anticipating future areas of need for working capital.
  • Putting your business in front of numerous lenders and compiling their offers.
  • Presenting your business with the loan options that have the most attractive terms and conditions.

Need capital to acquire a new dealership or revitalize your current one? The DCG’s capital advisors have the creative capital solutions and wide-ranging relationships to ensure you get loan options that don’t just have ideal terms and conditions, but also work with your unique business goals. Contact us today to get the process started.

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