Browse our exclusive listings for Chicago auto dealer options with extensive growth potential.

Looking to crack into the Windy City auto market? Your new dealership is waiting, courtesy of Dave Cantin Group. Below, you’ll find car dealers for sale with some of the highest growth potentials in Chicago. We’ve scoured the Cook County for state of the art facilities, high-traffic locations, beautiful real estate, and loyal customer bases to come up with our exclusive listings. Whether you’re after a multi-manufacturer auto mall or a family owned business, you can’t go wrong with the options listed here. And you can’t go wrong with DCG either – we’re your business partners for the long haul.

We’ll get your sale done, and we won’t stop there, offering a full suite of business services for your new Chicago car dealership. Together, we’ll use Chicago’s thriving auto market to skyrocket your sales and expedite your growth.

Scan the car dealerships for sale in Chicago below and you’re bound to find some alluring options. Ready to dive in? When you find the one that you can’t stop thinking about, give us a call to discuss the next steps.

Acquisitions Made Easy 

Once you’ve settled on a Chicago dealership, you can leave the rest to us. Over 30+ collective years in the auto industry, we’ve accrued the knowledge and skills to manage every part of a sale. We could do it in our sleep. Stressed about navigating legal paperwork, real estate, parts, or negotiations? Don’t be. We will take care of it. Plus, as dual agents, we represent both buyers and sellers to simplify the entire process and deliver satisfying options for both sides. With DCG, you don’t just get a broker at the point of sale, you get dedicated navigators for your entire acquisition journey.

Streamlined Manufacturer Approval for Your Chicago Auto Business

DCG simplifies the manufacturer approval process, so it won’t hold up the sale. You may have agreed to terms with the seller, but the deal can’t move forward until the manufacturer signs off. Fortunately, our team has a long history collaborating with GM, Ford, Toyota, Honda, Kia, and more, and we’re intimately familiar with their approval procedures. We know which legal, real estate, financial, and business documents they require, and we have personal relationships within each manufacturer to help complete your approval sooner. 

Our manufacturer-approved Chicago dealer options are a cut above. These car companies are confident in each dealership’s management, sales, and business operations, so you can be too. You’re not getting just any dealership – you’re getting a fine-tuned, high-performance business, one with a strong foundation for future revenue and growth.

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DCG goes far beyond automotive dealership brokerage. We’re a Swiss-army knife of auto business services. Whether you have your eye on a dealer for sale or are looking to sell your own, we can plot out every step in your ownership journey, including acquisition, financing, and consulting. Contact us and we’ll get your new or existing business on the fast track to success.