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Nearly 1 in 8 vehicles sold in the US is a Chevy

Joe Girard was no ordinary Chevrolet salesman. He was the most successful car salesman in American history. From 1963 to 1978, he sold 13,001 vehicles – 1,425 in his best year. When asked how he did it, Joe said, “Finding the salesman they like, plus the price. Put them both together, and you get a deal.” That’s part of Chevy’s advantage. Their vehicles are fairly priced for the value they provide. That may not sound special, but it’s one half of the secret sauce that sells cars. If you have the other half – friendly sales people – you’ll run a successful dealership.

And of course, Chevrolet is an iconic brand that’s been an industry leader for over a century.

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Chevrolet is a popular domestic brand known for reliable models that offer great value for money. By partnering with DCG Acquisitions, you’ll not only have access to the Chevrolet brand image, but also benefit from our extensive dealership expertise and services, including acquisitions, capital, and consulting – a winning combination that can help you achieve your business goals.

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More about the value of Chevrolet dealerships for sale

Chevy has been a top-three selling brand in the US every year for nearly a century. They arguably have the most mainstay, iconic models of any make, with names like Suburban, Impala, Malibu, Corvette, Silverado, and Camaro.

When considering Chevrolet automobile businesses for sale, it’s important to know that their full lineup is versatile, including small cars, crossovers, SUVs, pickup trucks, hybrids and electric vehicles. Chevrolet also benefits from loyalty within the General Motors family; GM commands close to 20% of the US auto market, with Chevy accounting for over half their sales.

An American Innovator

Chevrolet was founded in 1911 and became part of General Motors in 1918. It was soon selected to be the manufacturer’s high-volume selling brand, fulfilling the words of GM’s president Alfred Sloan, “A car for every purse and purpose.”

By 1929, Chevy dealerships were performing better than any other brand in America. In 1935, they launched the Suburban, the world’s first true SUV. The 1950s and ‘60s were an era of new classic cars, with Chevy producing the Corvette (‘53), Impala (‘58), Malibu (‘64), and Camaro (‘67). We can now add Silverado, launched in 1999. The pickup truck has been the best selling GM vehicle for over a decade, and it has become another mainstay model.

Chevrolet franchises offer a versatile lineup in every class of vehicle, including extremely popular crossovers in Trailblazer and Equinox are now extremely popular.

King in the Heartland

While Chevrolet is popular across America, if you’re looking for an automobile business for sale in the Midwest, you have an even greater advantage. It is near its roots – in states like Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Minnesota – that Silverado is the top selling pickup truck, Impala or Malibu is the top selling car, and Equinox is the top selling midsize vehicle.

Sales Numbers

With roughly 2 million vehicles sold each year, nearly one in eight vehicles sold in the US is a Chevrolet. Their best selling models are:

Silverado has been the clear leader for over a decade, the Silverado accounts for about a quarter of all Chevy sales. It ranks at or near the top for best-selling trucks in every US state.

Equinox has been on the rise for a decade, along with America’s love of crossover SUVs. It sold nearly 350,000 vehicles in 2019, the best-selling crossover of any American brand.

Malibu has sold about 190,000 models per year over the past ten years. It is among the best selling small cars in the country and the #1 selling car in eight Midwestern states. (Impala is the best seller in another four states.)

These three vehicles made up 54% of all Chevrolet sales in 2019. The rest of Chevy’s vehicles give depth to the lineup and round out the customer base for Chevy franchises.

Today, consumer tastes continue to shift. Fifty years ago, people may not have guessed that pickup trucks and crossover SUVs would lead the market, but Chevy has the brand strength to adapt through all of it, and promises consistent success for Chevrolet dealership owners for decades to come.

Acquisitions Made Easy with DCG

Between legal, financing, manufacturer approvals, and more, buying a new Chevrolet dealership can be overwhelming. But not with DCG at your side, everything you need for a successful acquisition is at your fingertips — manufacturer approval, a multitude of financing options, and a wide array of new car dealerships for sale.

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