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Why Buy a Ford Dealership?

Ford is American History

Of all car brands, whose name do you remember from history class?

Few automakers – especially in America – have the history to match the Ford Motor Company. Though Henry Ford didn’t invent the automobile or the auto assembly line (as many believe), those that he built were superior to any that came before. He made better cars, then sold them faster and for cheaper. You might compare Henry Ford in the early 1900s to Steve Jobs in the early 2000s. Ford changed our country. Ford changed the world.

And today, this history continues to translate to direct market value.

Ford is the best-selling brand in the US by volume. It’s classic line of pickup trucks, the F-Series, has been the most popular car model in America for decades.

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Ford’s unique advantages include:

  • Brand Loyalty

Ford’s history breeds customer loyalty. This is what has kept the F-Series, and the brand as a whole, at the top of the US car market for decades. In 2019, the F-Series was the best selling model in an impressive 31 states.

These trucks compete especially well in rural areas, yet they were also close to the top in more developed regions. And of course, Ford has other models that build on their strong reputation – like Escape, Explorer and Expedition – with leading horsepower, towing power, and driving performance, while fitting with more suburban and urban lifestyles.

  • Targeted Vehicle Line Up

In 2018, Ford announced a phase-out in the US of all sedans and small vehicles, except for the iconic Mustang and an economical hatchback, the Focus Active. This move was designed to simultaneously concentrate on Ford’s most competitive strengths – trucks and SUVs – and to meet the market trends that are moving in the direction of these kinds of vehicles.

There is a sharply rising demand for SUVs (especially crossovers) and pickup trucks, which in recent years have climbed from 36% to 52% and 14% to 18% of the US car market respectively. Meanwhile, Sedan sales have fallen from 57% to 30%.

This shift allows Ford dealers to focus their marketing on the value that Ford is best known for while still hitting specific markets for sports cars and small, fuel-efficient vehicles. In keeping with the times, Ford is also implementing hybrid models of their trucks and SUVs.

Another market advantage comes with the Ford Transit, which is a top model among cargo vans, extremely popular with contract workers, and faces little competition in this arena.

  • Strategic Leadership

Ford’s phase out of small vehicles demonstrates the strategic thinking of the company’s leadership. And it’s not the only time in recent years they’ve shown this forward-thinking mindset.

In 2019, Ford announced a move to further reinforce their strong customer loyalty, with FordPass Rewards set to be the most comprehensive rewards program in the industry. The program gives rewards to Ford drivers, especially returning Ford owners and lessees, points toward service, parts, and maintenance at participating dealerships. This program keeps your customers in your community and keeps you as their home dealership.

In addition, Ford is actively researching sales tools and floor plans for dealerships that combine classic styles with modern purchase rooms to enhance the customer sales journey. This approach is a response to new and shifting ways in which people buy cars.

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