Why buy a Honda dealership

A ubiquitous name, an unshakeable hold on US market share

To buy a Honda dealership for sale is, perhaps more than any other brand, a solid investment.

Honda came to America in 1969 and steadily climbed through the decades. Since 2006, they’ve held between 8-11% of the market, selling quality, reliable vehicles that consumers know and love. Honda is now moving on the rising popularity of certified pre-owned vehicles, further cementing its demand as a new purchase, lease, and CPO option.

In September 2020, American Honda and General Motors announced a partnership in Research & Development, providing Honda an advantage on new features that give customers more reasons to buy Honda over other brands.

More on the value of buying a Honda dealership

Leading models

Honda’s three leading models are Civic, CR-V, and Accord. Of their nearly 1.5 million vehicles sold in the US each year, these three models account for over 1 million.

Pilot and Odyssey are the next best sellers, as more spacious options. The rest of the lineup rounds out Honda’s variety to ensure they have a vehicle for everyone.

Honda’s newest car is the Clarity, which comes as a plug-in hybrid or fully electric vehicle, a strong contender as EVs become a must-have component in any brand’s lineup.

Strong across the board – Purchase, Lease, and CPO

Because of their reliability, Honda is a brand that’s a no-brainer to purchase new, purchase pre-owned, or lease.

Leasing One advantage of a Honda automobile business for sale, is that it attracts customers looking for a lease. Comparing leases started in 2016 vs. 2019, Civic and Accord are respectively bringing in 19% and 21% more revenue on average, according to Edmunds.

Certified Pre-OwnedHonda updated and promoted its CPO program in 2019 and 2020. Across the US, CPO sales have been on the rise, increasing 8% year over year from January 2019 to January 2020. According to Cox Automotive, this rise is largely due to leaders in the market segment, especially Honda.

Reliability and retained valueHonda was rated the #1 most reliable brand by CarMax in 2020. Their vehicles’ dependability accounts for much of the value of pre-owned cars, and it’s a major reason they remain so steadily among the top brands in the US.

What’s Next for Honda? (R&D Partnership with GM)

In early September 2020, American Honda and GM announced a partnership on Research & Development, building on a long-standing relationship between the two brands.

The two brands will jointly develop vehicle platforms, propulsion systems, and dashboard technology in coming years. Ultimately, this means advancements and new features in Honda vehicles that give customers more reasons to buy Hondas over other brands. 

An investment now in a Honda dealership for sale positions dealer principals to enjoy the benefits of this R&D as soon as 2021.

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