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Why Buy A Nissan Dealership?

A perennial brand. A significant portion of the US market.

Nissan commands between 7-9% of the US market, and sells well over a million vehicles each year. During the past decade, the company posted 109% US sales growth in an 8-year period.

Nissan has long established its place as one of Japan’s big three automakers. It continues to match its rivals’ reputations for reliability, outranking Honda for overall reliability, according to Consumer Reports in 2020.

With models like Rogue and Altima leading the way, Nissan sports a versatile lineup that appeals to a range of consumers at a range of price points.

Nissan Dealerships for Sale

More on the value of Nissan dealerships for sale

During his tenure, Yutaka Katayama, President of Nissan Motor Company USA from 1965-75 laid out a vision for Nissan sales:

“What we need to do is improve our car’s efficiency gradually and creep up slowly before others notice,” he said. “Then, before Detroit realizes it, we will have become an excellent car maker, and the customers will think so too.”

Vehicle Lineup

Today, Nissan’s lineup includes models across classes and price points. The brand offers small cars from around $15k to $43k; Crossovers and SUVs from under $20k to upwards of $70k; pickups from near $27k to over $60k; and sports cars from around $30k to over $220k. 

Another asset that comes with Nissan dealerships for sale is a line of commercial vans that ranks top-5 in US sales and far out-performs those made by any other Japanese manufacturer.

Best-Selling Models

Nissan’s sales leader is Rogue, accounting for over a quarter of the brand’s US sales in recent years. Altima, the next best seller, accounts for about 1 in every 6 Nissans sold. 

These two high-volume vehicles are backed up by Murano and Maxima respectively, selling at a higher profit margin for those consumers with the budget to spend. Nissan also sells the Titan, a solid contender in the pickup truck market known for contending on strength while offering a smooth ride and good fuel economy.

Nissan is the world’s leading manufacturer of electric vehicles. In the US, as EVs spike in popularity, they’ve unveiled the Ariya, an electric crossover that will accompany the  Leaf EV sedan in the 2021 model year.

Other Profit Drivers

Certified Pre-OwnedWith great retained value, Nissan dealerships have a lot to offer in pre-owned sales. CPO vehicles must be less than 6 years old, have fewer than 80,000 miles, and pass a 167-point inspection. The company offers a generous 7-year / 100,000-mile limited powertrain warranty with roadside assistance, to boost CPO value. This is a reliable mechanism for turning leases and other trade-ins into profits.

Digital includes a car-building tool that, when customers are done, directs them to nearby dealerships for a quote. A similar feature directs CPO customers to your dealership. This system delivers an effortless stream of leads to your business and adds to the value of any Nissan automobile business for sale.

The Bottom Line

Nissan is a perennial, established automaker that controls a solid portion of the US market, and it’s always a good time to pursue a Nissan franchise for sale. The brand has shown impressive growth in recent years, steadily built their reputation for reliability, and are demonstrating a strategy for a bright future in the decade to come.

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