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Why Buy a Subaru Dealership?

One word – Loyalty

Imagine driving to work as the owner of a Subaru dealership. Every time you see a Subaru on the road, there’s a good chance that when that driver needs a new car, they’ll be in your store – and not really thinking about going anywhere else.

Subaru currently has the highest loyalty rate of any automaker in the US market. You might call it a fan base. And now at DCG we’ve noticed that they’re starting to develop an entirely new group of fans.

Owners of luxury auto groups are going after Subaru dealerships in a way that you don’t see with other non-luxury brands. Subaru has become a very desirable brand for car dealers to add to their portfolio, for a variety of reasons.

Vehicle Quality

Subaru won the 2019 ALG Residual Value Award, marking their place as a reliable, sustainable brand that allows drivers to feel confident behind the wheel. Subarus are all wheel drive, historically safe vehicles. They have one of the best records for both retained value and gas mileage, and they require minimal maintenance.

The brand has done a good job of keeping up the latest tech, and they offer some interior options that are luxurious for a mainstream vehicle. With the Crosstrek, Outback, and Forrester, they have nailed our country’s growing affection for crossover vehicles. Impreza and Legacy sedans, and the SUV Ascent, round out their lineup to offer a vehicle for every member of the family.

All these factors translate to a customer base that knows what they want and that Subaru is the place to get it. This following seeks an experience that is both high-class and down-to-earth. As a result, when someone gets behind the wheel of a Subaru, they really don’t want to drive anything else.

More on Customer Loyalty, and Brand Image

So we’ve seen that this isn’t just blind loyalty. It’s built on solid vehicle engineering. It’s worth noting that, because they perform in tough conditions, Subarus are especially popular in mountainous states with snowy winters, particularly in the Northeast. (Over 11% of drivers in Vermont drive a Subaru.)

Between 2009 and 2017, Subaru saw huge growth with eight straight years of record sales in the US, and they’ve held strong ever since. This would not be possible without the quality of their product.

But on top of that, they’ve done an incredible job of marketing.

They’ve created a brand image such that when you own a Subaru, you portray yourself as a conscientious individual. It’s this kind of subtle messaging that keeps customers from moving to another brand known for all wheel drive or fuel economy. Only Subaru provides that particular image.

And just as their customer loyalty is built on real quality vehicles, they’re brand image is built on real quality culture within the company.

Support and Communication from the Manufacturer

Subaru dealerships are popular acquisitions for auto groups today, in part because they’re a great manufacturer to work with. The confidence from dealers who have been in the industry for decades is a tell tale sign of the value of owning a Subaru dealership.

The company has put in place strong lines of communication and support that ripple through Subaru distributors and dealerships, creating a favorable working ecosystem. So on top of all the other reasons to invest in owning a Subaru dealership– it’s just a good experience.

Scroll through the dealers below, and when a Subaru dealership for sale catches your eye, contact DCG. We’ll get the ball rolling right away, taking care of all the little details so that you can focus on expanding your business and cementing your legacy.