Willie Schmeltz



  • Automotive Retail
  • Real Estate
  • Automotive Management

Willie Schmeltz

Willie Schmeltz has a 32-year history in the auto industry and most in senior management roles. Starting in sales with General Motors at the dealership level in 1984, Willie worked his way up quickly into the management ranks and spent the majority of his years as a General Sales Manager with Toyota, BMW, and MINI.

Willie played a major role in the construction and the opening of MINI of Camarillo in 2013- 2014. With his hands-on experience, he is a proven professional with a track record of excellence.

Willie has a successful history in the Real Estate industry as well from his years of investment and residential sales.

People, processes, and performance are the keys to Willie’s success and the success of those around him. His commitment to excellence in all areas of life is infectious.