Dave Cantin Group gets superior value out of your listing. Our connections to exclusive, qualified buyers and capital sources serve to streamline your deal and strengthen your legacy.

Get Your Auto Dealership Valuation with DCG

You put your heart and soul into your dealership. You’ve owned it for years, growing and expanding it. So it’s natural to want the best business valuation possible. At DCG, we understand that your company is part of your legacy, and we treat it as such. Partner with us and you’ll get access to our acquisition and growth specialists, highly-experienced dual agents who can work both sides of a deal to ensure fair market valuation for sellers and buyers alike. Our advisory team and partners can appraise your assets and use market approach methods to make sure you’re getting a fair valuation. Then, we’ll utilize industry-wide relationships, financial reporting, and forensic accounting to help every aspect of the deal run smoothly, from capital to legal and everything in between.

It doesn’t matter if you’re selling two companies or a portfolio of numerous auto dealerships, we will guide you every step of the way to facilitate an efficient deal and healthy business valuation, setting your distinguished legacy in stone.


A Wide Scope of Options

DCG doesn’t churn out cookie-cutter deal structures. We get creative with them. We study your auto dealership valuation goals and legacy, then put your deal in front of lenders to explore the best terms and conditions for you, whether for blue sky financing, real estate mortgages, or a working capital loan. Want to sell 100% of your dealership? No problem. Would you rather retain 10-50% equity? We can do that too, and just about anything in between.

Your Success is Our Goal

We’re not just your brokers, we’re partners who genuinely care for the well-being of your business valuation and your legacy’s continuity. That’s why we work both sides of the deal with your specific goals in mind. Before the deal, our advisory and consulting teams can help optimize your operations to increase valuation. And after, we can navigate your next dealership purchase – real estate, financing terms, manufacturer approvals, and just about anything else the deal requires.

Ready to take on a new acquisition venture or sell your dealership? Equipped with a depth of industry expertise and manufacturer relationships, our dual agents manage efficient, high-return deals. From first contact to the closing table and beyond, DCG will broker your deal and ensure your success in every aspect of business operations. Contact us to get started or call us at 1-800-722-8621.


With DCG’s exclusive listings, your new acquisition venture has more options than ever. If you want to buy a high-potential auto dealership, we can help you find one. If you want to sell your own, we can handle that too. Get started right here.


Don’t miss a single opportunity to own your ideal dealership. If you’re a potential buyer, our exclusive listings include dealers that offer better value and growth potential than you’ll find anywhere else. When you find that perfect match, reach out to inquire.

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