Mid-Hudson Subaru – New York


DCG Acquisitions represented the sale of Mid-Hudson Subaru in New York. Woody Woodward of the East Region office facilitated the closing of this transaction.

Working with Brian Brown and Woody Woodward has been nothing but an absolute pleasure. Both team members were readily available for any and all concerns, no matter the time of day. Their dedication to what they do is unparalleled. When compared against the landscape of other agents, I regularly tell others they would be doing themselves a disservice to speak with anyone else. If you’re looking for a smart and extraordinarily knowledgeable team who can guide you through the acquisition process, Woody and Brian are your best bets. You cannot beat the kind of experience and connections that come with this duo, and the lasting relationships that go beyond the closing table are unequivocally priceless.

Peter Maher Owner, Rhinebeck Ford & Mid-Hudson Subaru

Deal Summary

  • Date August 2020
  • DEAL TYPE Non-luxury
  • SELLER(S) Subaru


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