Toyota San Luis Obispo California


DCG Acquisitions represented the sale of Toyota San Luis Obispo. George Pero and Dave Cantin of the West Region office facilitated the closing of this transaction.

It is my sincere pleasure to highly recommend the Dave Cantin Group throughout all aspects of dealership sales. I met Dave and the group during the most stressful and vulnerable time in my life when my husband had recently passed away and I needed to sell our Toyota dealership. Dave’s caring personality and group’s professionalism immediately put me at ease and I am so glad I trusted my instincts and went with them to represent us. Throughout the process, I had 24 hour a day access to Dave and his group for questions, concerns and emergencies, which there was plenty. This courtesy was also extended to all of my associates and employees, which went a long way in making the sale go smoothly. Any concern I had was immediately addressed throughout the preparation, sale, and negotiating process. Our dealership had multiple offers that were completely vetted and verified by Dave’s group, so there was no question who was qualified. His associate George Pero was exceptional and guided myself and my employees through the process of the sale. During this process I was very concerned I would lose key managers and employees before the transaction. George was excellent at employee relations and helped keep my business together until the transaction was complete, and I only lost one lube tech out of 56 employees. In the end, I had a final offer higher than anticipated due to Dave’s excellent and honest communication and negotiation skills. I feel so grateful and indebted to the Dave Cantin Group for guiding me smoothly through what seemed to be an insurmountable process at the time.

Tobe Frangie Toyota San Luis Obispo

Deal Summary

  • Date October 2019
  • DEAL TYPE Non-luxury
  • SELLER(S) Toyota San Luis


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