CBT Automotive Newscast Interview with Dave Cantin

November 20, 2019

Dave Cantin’s Interview on the Buy-Sell Market, Acquisitions, & Industry Consolidation:

On 11/20/19, Car Biz Today (CBT) welcomed our very own Dave Cantin to lend his expertise and insight from his more than 20-years of automotive industry experience. In this interview, Dave gives us a pulse on how the market is doing, and some trends to watch out for in 2020…


Jim Fitzpatrick: Hi everyone. Thanks so much for joining me on another edition of CBT News. Today I’m happy to bring into our studio here Mr. Dave Cantin, who’s the CEO of Dave Cantin Group. Thanks so much for joining us today, Dave.

Dave Cantin: Thank you. I appreciate you having me.

Jim Fitzpatrick: Sure. Your company specializes in buy, sell, and working with dealer groups large and small in this area. Very popular area nowadays, I should say, right?

Dave Cantin: Absolutely. Yes. So we have a division within Dave Cantin Group, DCG Acquisitions, that specializes in buy-sell acquisitions.

Jim Fitzpatrick: Awesome. So let’s kind of jump right in here. How did the buy-sell market look for the first three quarters of 2019?

Dave Cantin: No surprise. It’s been busy. So 2018 finished pretty busy and rolled right into 2019 and it’s been pretty consistent. I would say 2019 is going to finish off as a great year and there’s a lot already getting ready for 2020.

Jim Fitzpatrick: Really? Okay. So what do evaluations look like in today’s market?

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About Dave Cantin Group:
Dave Cantin Group (DCG) is a full-service M&A firm that manages the sale and purchase of automotive dealerships throughout the United States. With over $11.5 billion in collective dealer acquisitions and $3 billion in dealership listings, DCG is one of the world’s largest automotive dealership M&A firms. Dave Cantin personally has helped raise more than $150 million in the fight against pediatric cancer, and DCG is committed to donating a percentage of its revenue to the cause. DCG is headquartered in New York with regional offices in California, Florida, Illinois, New York, and Texas.