Brokerage is just the beginning. Our services span far and wide, navigating you through the entire growth planning process.

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Beyond Auto Dealership Brokers

At DCG, we don’t want a one-and-done relationship with you and your business. Rather, we care about your legacy, so we do everything we can to optimize your auto dealership valuation and secure your future success. This starts long before we meet at the closing table and continues long after. As a team of acquisition and growth specialists, we possess a broad scope of skills, expertise, and experience. We consult on business strategies, contact lenders, create succession plans, and much more. We’re your personal dealership consultants, going the extra mile to strengthen your business’ internal structure and increase revenues.

Our long-standing relationships with lenders, OEMs, accountants, attorneys, and other industry professionals mean that you get more than our unrivaled expertise – you also get our connections. We work with manufacturers on your behalf, evaluate capital sources, and bring in any other necessary legal or financial experts so that you have all the resources vital to acquiring and running a successful dealership right at your fingertips. And here’s the bow on top: we will sit down with you and craft a succession plan based on your goals and values, one that will allow you to expand or exit your business smoothly.

Why do we do all this? Because your legacy is our business. We treat it like our own, so we want to see your dealership thrive. Consider us your partners, not just your brokers, there for you through thick and thin with the resources and assistance you need, every step of the way.

Dealership Consultants, Capital, and Continued Success

DCG is the only automotive M&A firm that offers a full scope of services. Our team members are auto dealership brokers, but that’s just the beginning of their skill sets. They’re also dealership consultants and experts in comparing capital sources. Both before and after the deal, in every stage of your business growth, we’ll be there.

DCG Acquisitions: Looking to buy or to sell? Our team of dual agents handles both sides of the deal. We seek out buyers and sellers for automobile businesses for sale, then work closely with both to streamline your deal. Because of this, we consistently achieve higher closing ratios and fewer deals fall through. Looping in manufacturers, attorneys, and more, we take care of all the details so you don’t have to, ensuring your deal gets done as efficiently as possible.

DCG Consulting: After closing your deal, we won’t leave you hanging. Our team is exceptionally well-versed in auto dealership succession planning and we’ll carefully craft a  plan that strengthens and secures your legacy.

DCG Capital: Solid financing is the framework of a successful deal, the steel beams that hold it together. Our personal relationships with over 20 industry-wide lenders allow us to compare numerous options and find the best loan terms and conditions on the market. Traditional financing, floor plan financing, and real estate mortgages – we will help new car, truck and RV dealerships find the source of capital that best matches its goals and growth plans. By helping establish a fiscal foundation, we’re protecting your business and legacy for years to come.

Contact DCG to work with our team of automotive expects or call us at 1-800-722-8621 to help grow your legacy today.