Action Hyundai of Millville, NJ


Action Hyundai, previously owned by Leonard Datello, was acquired by Greg Munoz and Sal Iannuzzi. The dealership will become Vineland Hyundai. Vineland Hyundai is the first Hyundai dealership owned by Munoz and Iannuzzi. It is the third dealership under their ownership and an important step in their plans for future growth.

Completing the sale of my dealership with the help of John Hyland and DCG was quick and easy! John was instrumental in advising both the buyer and myself in every step of the process and what needed to be done in order to move the transaction to closing as efficiently as possible. I’d recommend John to support anyone thinking of undertaking selling your dealership.

Leonard Datello Owner, Action Hyundai of Millville

Working with John Hyland and DCG was a pleasure. John kept me informed and advised me throughout the transaction. With his help keeping us on track throughout the process, the transaction went quickly and easily. He kept everything completely professional and confidential and I trusted him every step of the way. I am looking forward to completing more deals with John and DCG very soon!

Greg Munoz Owner, Vineland Hyundai

Deal Summary

  • SELLER(S) Action Hyundai of Millville
  • BUYER(S) Greg Munoz and Sal Iannuzzi


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