Automotive Dealership Ownership Accelerator Program

The Path To Owning Your Own Dealership.

This is a story about two automotive entrepreneurs. Their paths were different, but they both had a deep desire to take the next logical step in their careers — owning their own dealerships. Both of them made their dreams come true, thanks to the DCG Ownership Accelerator Program.

In an age when it seems impossible for an individual to purchase a car dealership, we’re happy to tell you two incredible stories of automotive professionals who recently did exactly that. Let’s take a closer look at these two impressive individuals and how the DCG Ownership Accelerator Program helped them to get across the goal line and score their own dealerships during the early months of 2021.

Let’s Meet These Two Remarkable Individuals:


Owner, Gerry Raymond Chevrolet Buick GMC, Wintersville, OH
Gerry Raymond has been very successful as an automotive retailing professional, climbing the ranks at multiple dealership organizations, including roles as Director of Operations and Executive Manager. He has worked in dealerships representing Cadillac, Chevrolet, GMC, Buick, and Nissan. Gerry’s longtime goal was also to own a dealership that he could be proud to call his.


Owner, Campus Ford (formerly Jim Snead Ford), Waynesboro, VA
Matt McMurray grew up working in his father’s auto shop, and eventually ran the business. As a young man, he opened his own used car dealership in 2010. In the years since, Matt’s dealership became a local leader in the areas of service, tire sales, towing, and bodywork. But through it all, Matt always had the dream of owning his own new car dealership where he could continue those high standards.

How Did They Do It?

Both of these individuals had all the skills, knowledge, and ambition they needed to run their own stores. But what they didn’t have were the connections and the capital they needed to make the jump to acquiring a dealership. They also needed a route to receiving OEM approval. This is an extremely complex process, involving various kinds of vetting and bureaucracy, so they needed experienced guidance to successfully complete it. That’s where the DCG Ownership Accelerator Program made the difference.

In the case of Gerry Raymond, who had a solid career within the world of new car dealerships, his challenges were different from Matt’s. According to Gerry, “I always knew I wanted my own dealership and had a lot of connections in the business, I just didn’t know how to tie everything together. The main thing for me was the paperwork and of course the capital. After joining the DCG Capital Ownership Accelerator Program, I quickly realized that the people at DCG Capital, who were in contact with me on a daily basis, always had my best interests in mind.”

Gerry’s self-confidence has always kept him afloat, but he’s had to deal with his share of people doubting him along the way. Gerry remembers an early time he told someone he’d have his own dealership one day. That person was a finance director at his job at the time, who smirked at Gerry and said, “Let me get this straight – you’re going to be a sales manager, general sales manager, general manager, and owner, all within 10 years?” That was, in fact, Gerry’s intention – and when he achieved that lofty goal, he reached out to that same person to tell him “Thank you for showing the fire to me.”

Gerry continues, “The DCG Capital folks always had multiple plans: Plan A, Plan B, Plan C. With all their connections and knowledge in the business we quickly moved to close on a General Motors dealership. They literally helped me with everything from start to finish. From capital to forms to insurance to floor plan, they were able to offer anything that you could possibly think of.

Gerry’s ambitions, however, haven’t stopped there by any means. Not content to rest on his laurels, he aspires to reach the level of the biggest regional auto groups one day, and says he is always working on plans to expand. Meanwhile, he also cherishes the tight business relationships as well as friendships he’s made in the Ownership Accelerator Program.

He sums up, “Over the last year, working my way toward my goal, the people at DCG Capital became more to me than just business people. They became family. Sometimes they would call just to check in on me and my family, asking how everyone is. If you are a General Manager out there and have a dream to be a dealer, or to own 10 stores or 100 stores, DCG Capital will get you there. I am now proud to say I am a dealer and it would have never happened without DCG Capital. I’m already looking at store number two!”

For Matt McMurray, owning his own dealership was a goal he had set for himself back in 2003, when he graduated from Virginia Tech. As Matt says in his own words, “…while scrolling through LinkedIn, I clicked on an ad for the DCG Capital Ownership Accelerator Program and put my contact information into the form. I had no idea if they would even talk to me, since I had not been in the new car business before.”

Matt says he initially thought becoming a new, first-generation owner of an auto dealership would be impossible. But Matt has always persevered and looked for motivation wherever he could find it. He first subscribed to Motor Trend Car & Driver when he was 12 years old. Matt recalls on another occasion reading about Sean “P. Diddy” Combs’s long train ride to his first record company internship – to Matt, this was one of the first things that made him realize that he would have to grind and do whatever it took to realize his dream.

Matt continues, “The next thing I knew, I was accepted into the program, and we were looking for stores. The DCG staff helped me identify a store that would be a good fit and give me the best chance at success. Fast forward to now and I am 100% owner of my first store. I am going to live my dream!”

Matt’s time in the Ownership Accelerator Program hit a scary bump right before he was due to close on his purchase of Jim Snead Ford, which he now owns as Campus Ford. Matt’s wife tested positive for COVID-19, and although she thankfully was vaccinated and had mild symptoms, Matt still needed to sign the closing documents but couldn’t risk doing it in person. So, with notaries witnessing on Zoom, the papers were signed on Matt’s kitchen table, sealed in a plastic bag, and picked up from the tailgate of Matt’s truck.

Matt concludes, “This acquisition is life changing. How many people do you know that can actually say that? DCG Capital’s Ownership Accelerator Program put me in a position to make that happen. I will be forever grateful for the opportunity that DCG Capital created for me.”

The DCG Capital Ownership Accelerator Program Is Unique

The past two years have seen record growth, immense potential, and historic profits for automotive dealerships, and there is no end in sight. If there was ever a perfect time to purchase your own dealership, it would be right now.

Who Is The Ownership Accelerator Program For?

General Managers
Dealership Executives
Dealership Vice Presidents
Dealership C-Level (COO, CFO, etc.) Executives
Independent Auto Executives who want to move into a new car franchise

How Does The Ownership Accelerator Program Work?

The DCG Ownership Accelerator Program has been developed and proven to help you to acquire and successfully run your first new dealership. Here’s how we do it:

With your initial investment, we’ll assist you in securing all the funding you need to purchase and run a successful dealership.

Our dealer acquisition specialists will make this process seamless and successful. We help you locate, negotiate for, and eventually run your new business.

We work directly with all major automotive brands and understand their criteria for approving franchise owners. DCG will match you with the best automotive brands based on your skill level, experience, preferences, and other requirements.

Once your acquisition is complete, our consulting team will continue to guide you, providing CFO services to help grow your new dealership’s profitability, until the full terms of your loan are met.

Your Journey To Being A Dealership Owner Starts Here And Now

The Ownership Accelerator Program is among the first of its kind and has seen record-breaking success over the last year, filling all open spots with applicants. We’re back with a second round of openings, so don’t wait to reserve your spot.

If you’re a GM, executive, or other dealership leader looking for a chance at your first dealership, you may have realized they’re not easy to find. Many brokers, lenders, dealers, and manufacturers will only work with established auto groups and dealership owners.

It’s As Easy As 1-2-3!

The DCG Capital Ownership Accelerator Program uses a simple three-step process to get
qualified applicants into their own new car dealerships:

For more information, applicant requirements, and application form, visit our DCG
Ownership Accelerator Program page.

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