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There are over 1,000 Nissan dealerships across the U.S., and you have ambitions to own one. Good news: our exclusive listings contain some of the most well-established, lucrative dealers available. Each automotive dealership we list has a history of success, tons of potential, and best of all, an owner who’s motivated to sell. Whether you’re looking for a large, multi dealership auto mall or a single family-owned dealership, our listings can help you find one. And afterward, our acquisition and growth experts will walk you through the entire buying process.

When you buy a Nissan dealership for sale, you’re taking on their reputation for reliability and market resale value. It’s why they boast consistent sales and a strong reputation. DCG’s extensive services capitalize on these advantages, molding your automotive dealership into a highly profitable business.

If a dealership here catches your attention, if you can’t stop thinking about it throughout the day, if you daydream about owning it, contact us to discuss your goals and kick off your acquisition.

Top Tier Las Vegas Nevada Import

For Sale

Central U.S. Nissan Dealerships Available for Purc...

For Sale

Pennsylvania Nissan

Under Contract

Southern California Auto Group

Under Contract

Salem Nissan – New Hampshire


Team Nissan North – New Hampshire


Acquisitions Made Easy

You’ve decided to take the plunge and buy a dealership. Now what? Automotive dealership acquisition isn’t a simple process, but our expert team makes it seem that way. As dual agents, we represent buyer and seller alike, streamlining communications and negotiations. And we have 30+ years of experience in every corner of the automotive business, so we understand the inner mechanisms of a successful deal. By keeping up with industry news, we stay at the forefront of market trends. We know automotive sales forward and back, so leave all the little details to us and we’ll get your auto dealership sale done. As a dedicated partner for the entire journey, we prepare each buyer for sustained success. 

Streamlined Manufacturer Approval for Your New Nissan Dealership

To sell a dealership, the manufacturer needs to be on board. Nissan trusts the current owner, and to make sure their sales don’t suffer, they need to approve you as a buyer, verifying your dealership management experience, auto business history, financing information, legal paperwork, and more. The good news is that DCG knows how they operate. We’ve partnered with them time and time again to sell auto dealers, so we know their procedures and personnel like nobody else. And here’s the better news: we’ll navigate the whole process for you. Using our experiential knowledge and personal connections, we ensure quick, stress-free approval. 

We work with manufacturer-approved sellers whose automotive dealerships have consistent revenue and Nissan’s full support. As a buyer, you won’t be taking on an unknown. Rather, your new auto store will have a strong foundation of sales, business management, and manufacturer support, so you can jump in and flourish right away.

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DCG goes far beyond automotive dealership brokerage. We’re a Swiss-army knife of dealership services. Whether you’re looking to buy or sell, whether you already own an auto dealer or this is your first, we can plot out every step of your ownership, including acquisition, financing, and consulting. Contact us and we’ll get your new or existing auto dealership on the fast track to success.