Acquisition Advisory Firm Entering RV Industry

December 18, 2023

Dave Cantin Group (DCG), an acquisition advisory service company in the automotive industry, is expanding into the RV industry.

An investment from Kaltroco, a private investment company, will be used to increase DCG’s RV industry resources. DCG will be focused on California, Texas and Florida dealerships. DCG recently provided services on the FunTown RV acquisition of Longhorn RV in Tyler, Texas.

DCG President Dave Cantin and Chief Business Officer Brian Gordon said acquisition market activity increased over the past few years. Gordon said before the pandemic, retail acquisitions were low. According to Gordon, 2021 and 2022 RV industry acquisitions increased to around 40-50 transactions.

After the RV market’s success from 2020-22, Cantin said there are more acquisition opportunities. Cantin said advisory skills and knowledge are necessary as interest rates rise and affect acquisition deals.

DCG goals are to “provide strategic advisory to the dealers in this space to help them grow,” Cantin said, “and to help them sustain their level of growth that they have been accomplishing over the past few years.”

The Kaltroco investment will enable the company to invest in RV research. DCG will hire RV specialists and conduct data-based research.

Cantin said DCG will be a “sophisticated, knowledgeable representation that understands the RV space.”

According to Cantin, a DCG partnership begins with building relationships and understanding the dealer. When relationships are built, DCG works with the dealer on areas to grow and sustain their business.

DCG also provides succession planning services. DCG will advise on creating a succession plan for dealers to exit, whether it be soon or planning for the future. According to Cantin, acquisitions are a way to reinvest in the industry.

Gordon said DCG will help the RV industry “continue to grow as a healthy industry.”

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