Sugar Ray Leonard to Kick Off DCG Giving Fundraising Effort at NADA After Party in Las Vegas Hosted by the Dave Cantin Group

March 3, 2022

New York, March 3, 2022 – On Saturday night, March 12, DCG Giving Inc. – a new nonprofit formed by the Dave Cantin Group (DCG)  to fund child and adolescent cancer research and treatment – will launch its 2022 fundraising campaign harnessing the giving power of the automotive sector. The event will take place at DCG’s exclusive, invitation-only VIP afterparty at the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) 2022 convention at LAVO Nightclub in Las Vegas.

The event will feature a special keynote address by world champion boxing legend Sugar Ray Leonard, followed by a concert from the world’s #1 Journey tribute band, Voyage.

All fundraising proceeds will support state-of-the-art research and treatment for children with cancer in communities nationwide, hallmarking DCG Giving’s mission to the 3 C’s: Children, Cancer and Community.

CureSearch estimates each year parents of more than 17,000 children aged 0-19 in the U.S. hear the words “your child has cancer.” According to the National Cancer Institute, cancer remains the leading cause of death by disease past infancy among children in the United States.

“The time is long overdue to increase the amount of funding channeled to childhood and pediatric cancer research,” says Chairman of the DCG Giving Board Michael Weiner, MD. “DCG Giving aims to disrupt this imbalance and prioritize necessary funding required so we can move closer to eradicating childhood cancers altogether.”

“The automotive and financial sectors are among the most generous when it comes to charitable donations,” says Dave Cantin, cancer survivor, philanthropist, and founder and CEO of the Dave Cantin Group. “While pediatric cancer research and new therapies are increasing, it’s not enough. I want to do something groundbreaking and rally the automotive sector specifically, along with other industries and individuals, to channel their charitable contributions so treatments can advance and save millions of youthful lives, transforming adolescent cancer patients into thriving adults.”

To learn more, visit, DCG Giving Inc.

About Dave Cantin Group

Dave Cantin Group (DCG) is a nationwide firm headquartered in New York City at Rockefeller Center and maintains satellite offices nationwide. DCG is a holding company composed of three structured entities all designed to support the firm’s mission to build, grow, enhance, and secure clients’ legacies in the automotive industry. DCG Acquisitions is the Mergers & Acquisitions arm of the firm specializing in automotive buy/sell transactions. DCG Capital provides capital-focused services for automotive dealers. DCG Media curates automotive-specific intelligence and data and disseminates information through various channels to the automotive industry. DCG Giving is a nonprofit that aims to benefit child and adolescent cancer research and treatment nationwide.

DCG Acquisitions is one of the industry’s largest automotive dealership M&A firms, collectively closing billions of dollars in dealership automotive mergers and acquisitions.

DCG Capital assists automotive owners, executives, and authorities with capital-based services such as growth recapitalizations, lending assistance, CFO services, GM Acceleration programs, etc.

DCG Media is focused on cultivating, curating, and disseminating high-level automotive information and data. The flagship brand is Dealer News Today (DNT), the pre-eminent automotive podcast station listened to in all 7 continents and thousands of cities and territories across the globe. Podcast channels include a partnership with Cox Automotive, an Automotive Authority show featuring interviews on the highest level of the industry, and an M&A-focused show featuring Dave Cantin.

DCG Giving a nonprofit committed to 3 C’s: Children, Cancer, Community. The organization’s mission is to fund lifesaving child and adolescent cancer research and treatment in communities nationwide.