Freedom Hyundai, Pennsylvania


DCG Acquisitions represented the sale of Freedom Hyundai, now Kelly Hyundai in Pennsylvania. John Hyland, Drew Picon, and Brian of the East Region office facilitated the closing of this transaction.

The dealership brokerage world is filled with fast-talkers who make big promises to secure a listing, but don’t always come through with their guarantees. But this is not the case with Dave Cantin and DCG Acquisitions. From the initial analysis and evaluation of our deal all the way up through closing, Dave and his team told us what to expect. Nearly everything they predicted about price, terms, timing and due diligence came true. It was an extraordinary comfort to be with someone who really understood the buyers and could so accurately advise us on how to plan for the inevitable wrinkles the can happen in deals.

Eric Savage President, Freedom Auto Group

Deal Summary

  • DEAL TYPE Non-luxury


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