A Vision of Legacy Creation

The Dave Cantin Group is a holding company whose subsidiaries form a holistic resource for acquisitions, growth, and insight in the automotive industry. Our vision of legacy enhancement extends across the experience of every team member working in every brand. Through DCG AcquisitionsDCG Capital, and DCG Media, we bring you our expertise in all aspects of the automotive industry, as well as other financial and professional fields. All three companies within the Dave Cantin Group maintain an impeccable reputation and a long track record of successful outcomes.

We are more than just an automotive mergers & acquisitions firm. We leverage deep experience, industry-wide relationships, and extensive resources to facilitate efficient and profitable sales. Being full-service means going beyond the sale, beyond the financing, and deeper in our insights. It means the team at any Dave Cantin Group company will walk with you each step of the way in facilitating the sale or purchase of your dealership or group,  attaining capital, building succession plans, and propelling you toward a secure, lasting legacy.

A Firm with a Notable History
That Gets Results to Match

Founded on the principles that come from decades of industry experience, the Dave Cantin Group has deep roots across the automotive industry. Our founder was formerly a dealership owner and operator. He grew and successfully operated the largest single point car dealership in the world. Through his ownership experience, he gathered first-hand knowledge of what it takes to effectively increase a dealership’s value. He’s an industry authority who’s passionate about automotive acquisitions and innovative sales opportunities. He went on to negotiate the sale of the second-largest automotive acquisition in U.S. history. Since the closing of this historic transaction, the Dave Cantin Group has established a team of acquisition and growth specialists that continue to follow an outcome-focused set of processes to this day. The Dave Cantin Group brings knowledge and energy to every transaction, working not just to negotiate acquisitions, but to catalyze sustained success.

Track Record

Across every one of our brands, DCG Acquisitions, DCG Capital, and DCG Media—our client’s legacies mean everything to us. We leverage our extensive experience to support our client’s needs and goals. In doing so, we help to establish a solid foundation from which to grow, preserve, and secure hard-earned and well-deserved legacies.


DCG Acquisitions is one of three companies within the Dave Cantin Group. Together, our combination of industry-leading services offer custom solutions to help you achieve any automotive business goal.

A full-service automotive M&A firm; partners through acquisition and beyond.

Supporting auto dealers to obtain the most effective and attractive sources of financing.

Delivering information and inspiration that fuel growth, in the automotive industry and beyond.